Wholeness and Healing

Whilst sickness, disability and suffering are part of our fallen world, and these things impact on us, there is the danger that Christians - in our modern 21st century world - can fall into the trap of only turning to God as a last resort i.e. once other means of restoring health have failed.

This is a grave mistake. God is our maker: He knows each one of us intimately. Praying for and with each other regarding wholeness of body and spirit is a biblical injunction.

This section of the web site will serve as a pointer to those (individuals and organisations) who are ministering to and within the body of Christ in matters of wholeness and healing.

Although this section of the site will be developed more fully (to reflect the geography of the Highlands and Islands; and also the range of ministries) the following are some sources of reference which have an "H&I"-wide scope.

But read also thoughts from Derek Prince on "Barriers to God's Blessing".


Christian Fellowship of Healing (Highlands)


(Rev.) Jim Rettie and team travel throughout the area praying for the sick; and encouraging and assisting local churches to further develop this type of ministry.
Jim can be contacted at Tel. 01463 798896 or by E-mail at: Jarettie@aol.com



Ellel Ministries (Scotland)

Ellel Logo


Ellel Ministries (Scotland) - Healing Retreats


A Healing Retreat is a special 2-3 day opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry. Healing Retreats are available at all Ellel Centres. There is no charge for a Healing Retreat although donations to cover the costs are always much appreciated.

Ellel Scotland is based at Blairmore House - set in the countryside between Huntly and Dufftown (see map below).

Further info: Tel. 01466 799102 E-mail: info@scotland.ellel.org.uk
See also: http://www.ellelministries.eu/uk/healing/index.php

 Elel Ministries Scotland