Friends of the Christian Youth Centre (CYC)

The CYC is the new name of the YMCA premises in Bank Street, Inverness, which has recently been refurbished to provide facilities suited to the 21st century, including a Youth Café, and an after-school club.

The YMCA have appointed Mr Tommie Mackay, a local Christian from Culloden, as a full-time Youth Worker. Tommie was commissioned at a celebration service on Friday, 2nd March at 7.30pm in the CYC.

This encouraging development requires the ongoing prayerful support of as many Christians as is possible, and also a number of persons who will help with the oversight of youth events, and to staff at the Youth Café. To this end a support Group “Friends of the CYC” has been formed, and anyone who would like further information is asked to contact the Secretary, Anne Muirden, on Tel. 01463 239412.

A newsletter will be sent out at intervals detailing events associated with the CYC, the first of which is a concert to be given by Alastair McDonald, the Scottish folk singer, on Tuesday, 13th March at 7.30pm in the CYC. Tickets at the door, £6, in aid of the YMCA work. Everyone will be most welcome.

Martyn Bateman
Chairman, Friends of the CYC
Tel: 01456 486273