Which is You?

The response by individuals to the 2020/22 (now '23) Covid crisis has spawned and spanned a spectrum of opinion and reactions. Neil Oliver states: "We were lied to".

“What is it going to take before enough people accept that we were lied to; and that we were deliberately manipulated by politicians and their officials?” Neil Oliver

  “We can ignore or deny reality, but we can’t escape its consequences.”
Which is You1Preamble:
Since the start of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ individuals within the nations around the world have, over a period, settled into different groupings; each group with its own distinct characteristics.

The following is an attempt to summarise the situation and can only be a generalisation.
Although it is a rather rudimentary overview and categorisation, the individual reading it might wish to consider into which grouping he or she might fit; and any consequences ensuing therefrom.

Group A: The ‘don’t knows’
Those who do not know the agenda behind what we are seeing along with the true medical/scientific data relating to the nature of the Covid vaccine and the deaths and injuries resulting from same. Generally, those in this group have enough to do coping with daily life and tend to rely on the mainstream media in forming their views. They will be generally unaware of the serious censorship within and the propaganda emanating from all forms of mainstream media and internet search engines; and unaware also of the character assassinations being performed on those eminently qualified people who are attempting to disseminate information which is contrary to the mainstream narrative.
Group B: The ‘I don’t know but I would like to knows’
This group represents a growing number of people all around the world who have been and are increasingly questioning the mainstream narrative. They are seeing the inconsistencies; the contradictions; the lies; the irrationalities; the nonsensical; the hypocrisy; the double-standards and the dangers. They are instinctively coming to the realisation that there is something going on but they realise that they don’t know it all. They would like to know more and come to a fuller understanding having weighed all the facts – including those of which they have been deprived.
Group C: The ‘should knows’
These are those in positions of influence and responsibility who should have exercised a rigorous due diligence but have not done so. They are culpable of a very serious failure to be informed and may, at a future date, be held accountable for their gross dereliction of duty regarding informing and protecting the lives of those who have placed their trust in them.

Group D: The “I Will Not” knows’
This group is in the category: “I have made my mind up: so don’t trouble me with the facts”.  Predominantly those of strong opinions who, very early on in 2020, decided that what governments, scientists and doctors were doing was entirely the right thing; and then out of fear or conviction at a personal level, signed up to follow the party line. Having come to that view at the outset they are entrenched in their opinions and are utterly impervious to the facts that have since emerged regarding the nature of the medical and socio-political dangers. They seem to be either utterly under the spell of the prevailing mass psychosis or victims of induced fear. They may be very conscious that coming to a view from what they first embraced would involve serious loss of face and could be very costly in other ways. What is very apparent is that when presented with any evidence which would refute their ‘armour-plated’ views, the most common reactions are irrationality and anger.
Group E: The ‘do knows’
Those who have had the time and ability to exercise due diligence and root out the news and information which is being suppressed by mainstream (broadcast and social) media. Through their efforts they have a substantially-informed and rounded understanding of the extremely serious medical facts and socio-political/legal implications for a free and functioning democracy. Now over two years into the crisis, this grouping comprises multitudes around the world in all walks of life. However, this grouping comprises two markedly-different sub-sets -
Group E1: The valiant voices
Those in positions of influence and responsibility who, having gained a comprehensive understanding of the true facts are speaking out their concerns. It is this group (mainly from the worlds of medicine, science and politics) which has faced the most violent responses, character assassinations and vicious attacks from the mainstream institutions, social media and big-tech billionaires.
Group E2: The conspicuously silent
This subset includes those in positions of responsibility in all areas of public and institutional life who, and in spite of what they now know have, it would seem, determined to remain silent rather than speaking out against the prevailing narrative. And this in the face of situations which are literally killing the people they represent; those who have given the them their trust. As such, the silent are aware and are complicit in destroying their peoples’ livelihoods, businesses, physical and mental health; all the while bringing down the economic life of their respective nations and leading their countries and populations into massive levels of unsustainable debt. Those in this grouping will surely be answerable on that great day when every action and inaction come face-to-face with a wholly righteous judge.
Could this be you?

NationsThere is however another group of people drawn from all nations, tribes and tongues who observe the scene through a timeless prophetic lens – one which offers the means to truly ‘understand the times’. They are being drawn out as a faithful remnant. They will seek to purify their garments and they will have a different cry on their lips. Their proclamation will be much different from the ‘Build Back Better’ mantra of current political leaders. However, in the immediate, they will continue to be despised and viciously attacked: but this is the cost that is required to pay. As troubles and persecution increase in line with what they have been warned to expect they will look to and depend on a supreme authority. This authority will ultimately crush the spirits of this age and proud men’s ambitions to create a One World Government. The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset or any other globalist and godless regime that may follow it, will be overturned by the Greatest Reset; and the latter will ultimately usher in the everlasting and true New World Order.
Meanwhile, those of this group will ceaselessly proclaim the timeless message given to them as the Great Commission.

Which is YouIf however you are not already part of the above world-wide community of billions of people who are released from all fear and guilt then read on.

The opportunity is available to all who would come with a sincere heart. It is not, as mentioned above, a choice which will free you from all trials, but it will usher you into a life-long security and ultimately into an everlasting life of true freedom and eternal peace. Jesus Christ came as a Saviour to all who would receive him. He himself said: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

The following link will take to a mainstream and accredited Christian organisation’s website where you can learn more about the offer of salvation and reunion with God. 

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