A War Against the Things of God  

An open letter to Christian leaders and the believing community in Scotland

Dear Christian brothers and sisters,

A War Against the Things of God

War in heavenliesLast night, along with small group of fellow believers, I listened to a speaker who continues to work in China and other repressive countries in the task of strengthening the church and spreading the Gospel. In the course of a very interesting two-hour talk Eugene Bach said that the early actions of every would-be totalitarian system are to silence freedom of speech, crush Christianity and indoctrinate the young. We are now seeing all this in present-day Scotland.

Back in late 2018 the Scottish Government developed a ‘hate-speech’ poster campaign which prompted two meetings in the Holyrood Parliament building of concerned Christian leaders who recognised the threat to the preaching of the Gospel and the whole word of God.

Before, during and since that time the Government has been seeking to erode and supplant parental influence on children, deny and corrupt God’s ordained order on gender issues, and has now bought into what a multitude of highly-credentialed medical specialists are describing as a “crime against humanity”.
If what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has written about Dr. Anthony Fauci is incorrect then the former could be sued for his last dollar. If however what Kennedy has revealed is true, then the latter should be facing a present-day Nuremberg trial.

Amongst a deluge of new material now exposing gross malfeasance amongst medics, scientists, politicians, the media and institutions I was made aware today of a book giving the testimony of two conscientious and honest doctors. One of the authors, Dr. George Fareed, has written:
“This book is based on a long an arduous journey taken by me and my associate Dr. Brian Tyson. Our battle is for truth, our patients and the world against dishonesty, incompetence, conflicts of interest and inhumanity.”

It is abundantly clear to all who are given to clear and honest thinking that the ongoing Covid-19 gene-therapy ‘vaccine’ programme is being driven for political ends; with national governments falling completely into line with globalist agendas. It is now quite obvious that the highly-dangerous and coercive ambition to put a ‘needle in every arm’ goes away beyond any medical rationale. The touted ‘health passport’ schemes will effectively assign a digital ID to every person; and programmes are well-underway to link the individual to an AI-driven form of coercion and control via social credit and  digital money systems.

A visit to the homepage of this website will give direct access to articles and videos outlining much of what we are seeing – including a doctor speaking on “the war between two systems” stating: “This is a hill worth dying on”.

But the vital points in all of this is how the Christian community in Scotland respond in terms of –
  • speaking out against the gross evil which we are seeing being perpetrated
  • maintaining meaningful and functioning fellowship within the body and
  • continuing to speak out the Gospel to the saving of souls and for the glory of God.
Jesus Christ, the Lord of the church asked the question:
"However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8)

The oppressed cry out:
“Who will rise up for me against the wicked?
Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?”
(Psalm 94:16)