Inverness street outreach 2021     

On a very pleasant mid-September day two evangelists took the message of the Cross to the Highland capital.

Richard clipMolly clipIn the midst of the current crisis, some things never change. Saving the world has nothing to do vaccines or with saving the planet through carbon emissions: rather it has everything to do with saving souls - one at a time.
The eternal message of forgiveness and new life in and through Jesus Christ stands as an eternal purpose of God the Father whose desires that "none will perish but all will come to repentance" (2 Pet. 3:9)

Inverness has many churches with many Christians within them but on a late-summer's day in 2012 the Gospel was taken to those on the streets through a young woman street preacher and a cross-carrying evangelist.
Molly spoke out on the means of salvation to passers-by while Richard Caleb Champion walked through streets of shoppers and holiday makers carrying a wooden cross on his shoulder. Some passed by, some paused and listened and moved on, while others stopped to speak.

The following short video tells a part of the story on that day and the efforts of a Christian woman from London and a believer from West Sussex to reach the lost in the capital city of the Highlands.

Heart picNote: You can learn more of Richard's story and ministry at the Heart newspaper.
On the day following his visit to Inverness Richard travelled up to Thurso.