Education - Our Children

This section has been established to allow parents, grandparents and teachers to discuss the issue of what is being taught to children in our schools.

Education Our ChildrenThis area of the website will include articles and links to resources, information and signposting. It will also allow secure discussion on the subject.

There will shortly be included here links to video recordings of an over-subscribed  Zoom conference in May 2020 at which four speakers addressed the subject of the curriculum and what is being taught in our children's classrooms. Although the principle target audience was the Highlands and Islands many of those who attended were from other parts of Scotland. This illustrated the broad and widespread concern on this very important issue.

The outline of the 2020 Education - Our Children conference can be accessed here.

It is
hoped also to include here a recording of the Zoom meeting of Saturday, 20 March 2021 at which Nigel Kenny of the Christian Institute brought those who attended up to date with the current situation and pending developments.

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The recording of the recent Education: Not Indoctrination is available here.

Government education policy

See the following links so as to be aware of current educational policy.

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