A 21st-Century Scotland-wide Christian Network

Jesus taught that the (true) church is "one body": interconnected and inter-dependent with each and every part with a place and function.

Opening SlideA serious development in Scotland towards the end of 2018 saw a thinly-veiled attack on the freedom of expression and speech by the Scottish Government.

As a response to this a meeting was held in Edinburgh early in the following December. Those invited and attending were committed Christians bringing representation from those in positions of influence and leadership with a wide range of knowledge and variety of backgrounds. The meeting was chaired by a Christian Member of the Scottish Parliament. A Briefing Note and a scene-setting presentation was delivered by a representative of Barnabas Trust – an organisation that has considerable international experience of defending those who are facing persecution for their faith.

The schematic drawing below illustrates the composition of the above meeting and further meetings are now scheduled with a view to enhancing and encouraging good communication between all Christians who are committed to the public expression of faith in Jesus Christ (Matt 10:2-23).

A statement document has been produced following the above-mentioned December 2018 meeting. Click here to view or download along with the following chart.

E-mail symbolIf you identify with the following and would wish to be part of the information-sharing and support provided by the network; or just want further information, please do be in touch by e-mail and see article: Standing Firm in a Godless Age

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Footnotes and Resources: $ These organisations have a range of resources and produce publications in hard-copy form which they can will supply on request.