Highland pastor writes of God's miracles

Samuel McKibben who is well known throughout Scotland and ministers in the Highlands, across the UK and internationally is launching his book 'God of Miraculous' at a book-signing in Inverness on Saturday.

Book launch/signing of 'God of the Miraculous'

God of the miraculousPastor Samuel McKibben in a lifetime of ministry has seen miracles of God through salvation, healing, deliverance, protection and provision. He has now captured these stories in a new book which is being launched this weekend.

Andrew Thomas who is Vice-president of  the Apostolic Church aand Director of a Bible school in Italy writes:

"This is a lovely narrative of what God can do with one ordinary dedicated person, and it also gives the Biblical reasons why He chooses to do it."

Alister Matheson is the founder and pastor of Skye Bible Chruch and an author himself. He has known Samuel for many years. He comments:
"All too infrequently I read a new biography and think, wouldn't it be incredible to meet this person? Even more rarely, I have known someone very special and thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if others could know him too?

Having been privileged to know and learn from Samuel McKibben for nearly twenty years, I am delighted that much nagging has finally persuaded him to commit to print this glimpse into his remarkable spiritual heritage and experience of God.

Nearing his eightieth year, eye not dimmed nor vigour abated, you will typically find him serving Scottish churches or addressing Italian conferences, selflessly investing in another generation of local, regional and national church leaders. Men half his age scratch their heads incredulously as he displays an irrepressible energy, vision and faith that can only be described as 'Samuel McKibben'. This is a book that had to be written and must be read.

The book has arisen from the author's strong Biblical conviction that it is a God-given responsibility for each generation to witness to succeeding ones about the wonderful works of God. This is in accord with God's self-designation, that he is the God Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Samuel McKibben's father was a Christian who witnessed to his own family, and this encouraged the resolve in the Author's heart to prove increasingly that the Gospel is not just a message to be preached, but a demonstration of God's power to be seen.

Samuel is to be available at a book-signing as follows:

CLC Bookshop
Castle Street, Inverness
Saturday, 10 August, 2013
from 12 noon

Samuel McKibbenSamuel McKibben has been an pastor, apostle, and pioneer in the Apostolic Church for over 45 years. He has ministered extensively throughout the UK and beyond.
Although officially retired he continues to superintend a network of fellowships in the Highlands of Scotland and leads a ministry development programme in Italy.
He lives in Inverness with his wife Mair. They have 4 children and 13 grandchildren.

Christians Together, 06/08/2013