A 'Taste of Israel' Conference

A short video giving a flavour of the conference featuring a Messianic pastor from Israel as the main speaker alongside seminars, displays and workshops.

1 - 3 November, 2013
At Abernethy Trust's Nethybridge Outdoor Centre

Cairngorm National Park


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There was a choice of seminars and workshops at the conference from which delegates could choose.
  • Bible comes to life
  • Trip through the Land in film
  • The Land in scripture / The disputed Land today
  • Display and explanation of the Biblical feasts
  • Israeli food tasting
  • Israeli dance
  • Late evening film
  • Outdoor / climbing wall activities.
Guest Speaker: Ofer Amitai

Ofer (right) and Chris Amitai
Ofer AmitaiOfer Amitai was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1951, the son of a mother whose family was already several generations in the land, and whose father arrived in Israel as a child from Poland in 1935. He grew up in a secular Zionist family in a village near Tel Aviv. In 1967, Ofer's father, Eliezer Amitai, was commander of the Jerusalem brigade which was responsible, along with other forces, for liberating the Old City and unifying Jerusalem.

After fighting in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Ofer's search for the Truth and God led him to the United States and then eventually to India. There God revealed Himself to him as Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.

He then returned to Israel and after a short while, went to the U. S. where he met his wife, Chris, and trained for the Lord's work.

Together, they spent fourteen years in training and ministry at the Zion Faith Homes near Chicago, Illinois. In 1994 they returned to Israel to reside and have pastored Kehilat El-Roii in Jerusalem since January 1997. In addition to pastoral responsibilities, Ofer and Chris run the Israel Prayer and Training Center in Jerusalem.

Ofer travels internationally, speaking at conferences and congregations to foster prayer for Israel, and teaching on the subject of God's heart in restoring His chosen people, as well as other subjects. Chris works together with him in the leadership of the congregation, as well as leading prayer meetings, teaching, and developing children's curriculum. Ofer and Chris have two children.
 Taste of Israel Conference 
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