The Middle East: histories in a nutshell

A series of short videos which give a rapid but comprehensive overview of the history of the Middle East from biblical times right through to the present day.

The following videos are very short, but give an extremely useful picture from the empires that controlled the bible lands through the the geo-political and military backgrounds to the Israel/Palestine conflict. The actions of the British government and conflicting (and broken) promises which it made to both the Jews and the Arabs set the scene for the troubles we see today. 

This video gives an overview of '5000 years in 90 seconds'
(no sound)


The following is a geo-political background of the period  
following WW1 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
It has been produced by a group of students in Azerbaijan
(10 mins) 



The video below focusses in on the period from the end of WW2 through to the present day.
While it comes from an Israeli perspective the facts are not disputed by any reliable historian.

(6 mins)

Christians Together, 22/11/2012