IGNITE and Nairn Free Church outreach event

The IGNITE team is partnering Nairn Free Church in hosting an evangelistic evening to mark the end of the summer mission with the Ignite band and singer/songwriter Steph MacLeod.

IgniteThis event is the first time the Ignite group have been involved in a specifically evangelistic night. The team are "all excited about the opportunity. "Our hearts are to see the Church of the Highlands working together to reach those who don't yet have a relationship with God."

This is the second 'hit the road' event held outside of Inverness and the team see it as very much part of the 'Ignite' vision.

The event is being held in partnership with Nairn Free Church along with the Ignite band and Steph MacLeod.  It is is scheduled for:

Friday, 29 July, 2011


Rosebank Hall in Nairn



There will be no charge for this event and the organisers are advising people to come early to guarantee a seat. the team are also asking for prayer for the evening to "see people come into relationship with God for the first time."
 Steph Macleod - Caught in the River 


Further information:
Chris Dowling
Mob. 07919.066.139
E-mail: chris.dowling(at sign)ignite-event.com

Steph MacleodSteph MacLeod is a singer/songwriter who studied classical guitar and music college and University and travelled the world. He gave his life to Christ as a young teenager but fell into alcohol and drug addiction and homelessness after his parents’ marriage failed.

He says: “I left the UK and travelled to Thailand where I taught English for awhile. After six months I lost my job and I began to drink huge amounts of alcohol. I was drinking at least three bottles of Thai whiskey a day. My Mother had to come and get me as I had lost four stone in weight and had a breakdown. When I got back to the UK I tried to get off the booze with the help of the doctors and medication. It didn't work and I became a self destructive person. I didn't want to stop drinking or taking drugs so I left home and became homeless where I could feed my habit in peace.”

However following a rehab course and a spiritual encounter when he felt the presence of God he started on the road to recovery. Since then he has developed a gift for songwriting and singing.

Christians Together, 23/07/2011