Souls saved and healed during Orkney outreach

During a 4-week outreach in the Orkney islands people were saved, brought back to the Lord and healed of various afflictions through the prayers of the saints and the preaching of God's word.

Orkney OutreachIN a story which started last year, Donald Buchanan has just finished a month of mission in the Orkney Islands.
Through the healing of a young girl last October in Brora the itinerant evangelist and his wife Shirley were invited to be part of a mission during the month of June 2011.

In an interview with Christians Together Donald speaks of his conversion from a Roman Catholic background in Benbecula which led to a ministry of evangelism in the UK and internationally.

During the month of outreach in Orkney many responded to the Gospel messages and one young boy came to a meeting convicted completely of his own accord of his sin and need for Jesus Christ.

People have been saved and healed of a variety of ailments, while others have come to realise that their knowledge of Christ was all in their heads but hadn’t reached their hearts.

Over twenty five people were added to the Kingdom and others healed and set free. One woman who had asthma testified that for the first time in twelve years she could sing her heart out as she believes she is healed. Another who has had pain and swelling as a result of cancer was pain-free and the swelling has gone. One lady who walked with a walking stick for five years threw away the stick and testified of healing and feeling great. Church members as well as others were saved and others came back to the Lord. A lady who was a pagan, practising witchcraft, came to Christ weeping sweating and shaking.

However, much prayer amongst the Christian community had gone on in advance of the mission.
Donald and Shirley have a heart for working amongst young people and they believe that there is an opportunity to reach them with the whole truth of the Gospel. “I think we have an opportunity just now. We sometimes end up entertaining young people and I think it is time to stop entertaining them, and to present the Gospel in all its truth, with all its difficulties, with all its challenges: I think that the young people may be ripe for that at this moment.”

In the interview the evangelist from the Hebrides also speaks of what God is doing in Eastern Europe and, closer to home, of the Challenger Bus ministry in Lewis and the response from the youngsters there.

Donald talked of the ‘churchianity’ which many have relied on, and feels that there is a need to preach the whole Gospel including the parts that people may not want to hear. “To this day people take umbrage today to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Donald and Shirley lead missions with groups of young people and remain open to invitations to come and assist local churches in the work of the Gospel.
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Donald BuchananAs he affirmed in the interview, Donald Buchanan is open to invitations to come and assist local churches in the spread of the Gospel. He works in the UK and abroad, and can be contacted at his e-mail address

Christians Together, 11/07/2011