Chit Chat Women's Meetings 2010/11

The Chit Chat series of women's meetings kicks of again with a new series of meetings offering a range of interesting subjects

first published 28/10/10

Chit Chat meetings offer a chance to Christian women to come together in friendship and fellowship; and to invite their friends to a warm and welcoming series of meetings on topical and interesting subjects.

Chit Chat

Speaking on behalf of the Chit Chat group, Tracey Paterson outlines:

Our aim at Chit Chat is to provide an informal church environment for Church women to, not only socialise together but also, invite members of the community, family, friends and work colleagues along. This gives them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Centre and also hear a little about Christianity.

We generally run 5 events each season usually starting the new programme each Autumn. Each event is held at the Centre on Monday evenings at 8.00pm. Usually there is no charge for the event but we do collect for our 'Charity of the Month' - which women are welcome to give to if the wish to do so.

Most evenings we have a demonstrator/presenter followed by a short epilogue.
There is then time for a chat at the end over refreshments in the foyer.

All women are welcome - whether they attend church or not!

This season we are looking forward to this new series of events and we would like to thank all those who supported these meetings last season.


For futher information please refer to our website or contact Tracey Paterson.


Tracey Paterson, 29/04/2011