Release International Evening

Release International which works to support the persecuted church is hosting an evening with Helen Berhane, an Eritrean Christian who escaped from her homeland after severe persecution and now lives in Denmark.

first published 16/10/10

Please note:
Whilst this meeting will go ahead as scheduled,
Helen Berhane will not be appearing in person as she has been denied an entry visa. She will be interviewed speaking to camera.

helen BerhaneHelen Berhane has written her amazing story in a book entitled Song of the Nightingale and is speaking at a number of events throughout the UK. Her visit to the Highlands is one of the Scottish dates along with a similar event in Glasgow the following evening.

Helen who is a gospel singer from Eritrea was detained for two years by the authortities, during which time she was severely beaten and kept in a crowded metal shipping container in the desert.

Shipping container

In the following extract from her book she asks herself 'Is it worth it?'

'A single candle flickers, its flame barely illuminating the darkness. They never burn for more than two hours after the container door is locked: there is not enough exgen to keep the flame alive any longer. it will go out soon.

The woman behind me shifts in her sleep and her knees dig painfully into my back. I try to wriggle over to give her more roo, but I am already pressed up against another sleeping body.

Despite the proximity of so many people, it is freezing cold. Condensation drips from the roof and slides down my cheek, and when it moistens my lips I taste rust.

A review of Helen's book calls it 'a sobering, painful, heart-rending account of true faith in the face of evil, which makes for uncomfortable and yet inspirational reading.'

Helen says, ‘I want to give a message to those of you who are Christians and live in the free world: You must not take your freedom for granted. … If I could sing in prison, imagine what you can do for God’s glory with your freedom.’

A real challenge for the church in the West in 2010, Song of the Nightingale can be purchased on-line (£7.95).

Helen is due to speak as follows:

Release International Evening


Helen Berhane

Culduthel Christian Centre
Wednesday, 10 November, 2010

Please note meeting starts at 7.00pm

Release International serves the persecuted church in five ways:

1 Showing God's compassion
providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners
2 Serving God's church
enabling them to survive persecution and its effects
3 Sharing God's love
helping the persecuted church win to Christ those who are opposed to the gospel
4 Spreading God's Word
supplying Bibles and literature to meet the need for growth and evangelism
5 Speaking as God's advocates
being the voice of the martyrs and the oppressed

Further information can be obtained from the Release International web site.

Christians Together, 02/11/2010