Needing some help along the way?

GHOBE Ministries comprises a group of trained Christian believers whose calling is to assist and build up those who are struggling and in need of help. The GHOBE premises facilities can also be made available to others.

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by GHOBE Ministries

ghobeThe GHOBE aim has always been to be a resource, based in the community, for the building up and encouraging of one another. Today we are offering various projects that do this. None of these are instead of church. They are in addition to and as a resource for the church as a whole. We know there are other community ministries and we have all been working separately but perhaps the time has come to unite, join hands, praise God and work on the wall together.

The GHOBE resource centre and counselling facility is based in Inverness and the Counselling/Teaching Room can be made available for those who need to use such a facility for counselling purposes. The room is also very suitable for small groups.

The following are regular parts of the GHOBE schedule:

Time Out

Accepting, valuing and exploring everyday situations then bringing it all to a scriptural conclusion.

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month
11.00am – 12.30pm
Every 2nd Thursday of the month
7.00pm – 9.00pm


Pastoral Skills Courses

GHOBE is pleased to offer in-depth Pastoral Skills Courses for those who are interested and involved in pastoral care in their church or work settings. These courses are designed to stretch, challenge train and equip pastoral carers.

Each course consists of a block of four sessions and the cost of the course is £95.00 per participant, which includes all materials, training and refreshments. (bring your own lunch)

Forthcoming courses are offered on the following dates.

9th Oct 2010
23rd Oct 2010
20th Nov 2010
11th Dec 2010

You are welcome to come as individuals or as pastoral care teams from your church. Arrangements can be made if you would prefer the training to take place in your church.

GHOBE also holds regular  Group Meetings for people struggling with depression.

For more information contact GHOBE ministries:
GHOBE, PO Box 5511, Inverness IV2 7ZH
Tel. 01463 226966 or E-mail

GHOBE Ministries, 16/09/2010