Beauly Baptists moving to larger premises

A young Baptist church in Beauly has increased in numbers to the extent that the fellowship is now relocating to larger and more suitable premises in Tarradale Primary School

Please note, this church is no longer meeting and the members have joined with other local fellowships.

Tarradale Primary School
Tarradale Primary SchoolFrom 4 July, 2010 Beauly Baptist Church which has until now met in a community hall in the village is moving its Sunday services to the nearby Tarradale Primary School, in the neighbouring village.

Church leader Peter Wilson comments:

“Phipps Hall in Beauly was a good place to start but we were restricted to the upstairs room with no extra rooms for Sunday school and a difficult set of stairs to negotiate for a number of people in our congregation."

Having explored the various possibilities for a new home for the church in Beauly he said:
"There were no suitable buildings in Beauly so this is the nearest alternative, a great place to meet near the cross roads in Muir of Ord where a number or our congregation come from.

We have been warmly received by the other churches in Muir of Ord and will be working together with them in a number of areas most visibly in the ‘Living Room’ – a shop in the village centre."

The services commence each Sunday morning at 10.30am and local residents and visitors alike are warmly invited to join with the congregation in worship.

Further information can be had from the Beauly Baptist Church website and also from:

Peter Wilson
Mob. 07814.738.401

Peter Wilson, 30/06/2010