Prayer Meeting for Beechwood House

A local lady employed at Beechwood House, Inverness is calling concerned Christians to a time of prayer for the threatened facility. She is very concerned for the future welfare of those with alcohol problems.

An update (12/03/2010)

The Beechwood House Designated Place in Inverness is threatened with closure on 1 April 2010.

Friends of the facility have now organised another prayer meeting to intercede -

Call to Prayer

East Church
Academy Street, Inverness
Saturday, 13 March, 2010

See (and listen) also interview with Dave Thompson MSP

[following article first published 23/10/09]

Beechwood HouseBarbara Clark is calling Christians in the Inverness area to pray concerning the situation facing Beechwood House, the 'Designated Place' for those who are suffering from problems with alcohol.

She is very concerned that if the facility suffers from the reduced funding from Highland Council that those whom are currently served by the unit will be left with no support in coping with their problems.

Inverness Presbytery of theChurch of Scotland has also entered the battle to save a publicly-funded facility. The worth of the facility is attested by the police and the NHS who would otherwise have to commit personnel and resources to deal with those who are under the influence of alcohol. Dave Thomson, a Highland MSP, has written to the Chief Executive of Highland Council suggesting that CrossReach, the Beechwood operator, be given the chance to come up with alternative proposals which would allow the Centre to continue in operation, albeit at a reduced level.

Call to prayer

All those who are concerned about or affected, directly or indirectly, by those with alcohol problems are wamly invited to this time of prayer

For further information contact:
Barbara Clark
Tel. 01349 830517
Mob. 07729.927.200
or be in touch by E-mail

Beechwood HouseBeechwood House is a ‘Designated Place’ established under the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act of 1980 to serve as an alternative to custody for those who have been arrested for public drunkness and require a place of safety while they sober up.
Due to funding constraints Highland Council, the local authority funder, is threatening to reduce its contribution by £200,000 which would result in a loss of 10 jobs.

[above article first published 23/10/09]

Christians Together, 05/01/2010