The Hebrides and the political process

In the wake of the first Sunday ferry sailing to Stornoway (19/07/09) , Murdo Murray comments on this historic event, the situation surrounding, and speaks about other mainstream issues in both the political domain and the public debate.

murdomurray small1Listen to an interview with Murdo Murray

as he speaks on Hebridean issues and policy matters.

Murdo Murray stood as the Highlands and Islands candidate for the Scottish Christian Party during the Scottish 2007 elections. In an interview with Christians Together on the Monday following the first Sunday sailing he discusses the event, the lead up to it and its likely impact on life in the Hebrides.

The former Director of Technical Services for Western Isles Council goes on to discuss other issues of public interest including the first gay wedding in Lewis and its possible implications for Christian B&B operators.

Murray also speaks about the political process whilst giving his views on the European Union and the need to develop sustainable and independent energy resources for the islands.

Discussion relating to the political process in the Hebrides has been until now (20/07/09) been discussed on the thread attaching to the article on Sunday sailings, and can be viewed/read there.


The article on Sunday sailings gives a broad outline of the culture and way of life in the Western Isles.
However the discussion will now move to this article and will cover other issues relating to the political process.

Christians Together, 20/07/2009