Credit crunch and search for ‘meaning of life’

New research out this week has revealed that three in four adults are rethinking their core values and big issues like ‘the meaning of life’.

Universe and questionOut of 2,500 adults interviewed by Christian Research in April, 70 per cent agreed they were searching because of the credit crunch, or worries about personal finances and job security.

The search for meaning was found to be occurring to similar degrees among the young and old, in both genders and across all social grades except the very lowest.

The research found that most people were turning first to family and friends to discover their meaning. Fifty-six per cent of those interviewed said they had considered spending more time with family and friends, while 50 per cent said they had actually done it, and of those, 47 per cent said it had been worth it.

“This is a sign that when things are crumbling down, people are looking for love and to be loved,” said Benita Hewitt, Director of Christian Research, who presented the findings at the Christian Resources Exhibition on Tuesday.

“Jesus said to love one another and that’s what people are doing,” she added.

The second most popular way of finding meaning was in contacting past friends. Thirty-six per cent of respondents said they had considered contacting past friends, while 31 per cent said they had actually done it.

“This is also a sign of the need to love and be loved,” said Ms Hewitt. She pointed to similar conclusions drawn by Christian dating agency Christian Connection, which has reported a 40 per cent increase in subscribers during the credit crunch.

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Christian Today, 13/05/2009