Praying for the nation and the Highland Festival



People in prayerWithin the Highlands there are established prayer groups who will no doubt be committing the Highland Festival activities to much prayer.

You can see some of these established Highlands and Islands prayer groups by clicking here.


There will also be new groups springing up specifically around the Festival and MiniFestival, and these will be listed below. If you know of a group, are part of a group or would like further information, please be in touch.




Satellite MiniFestival Prayer meetings


For each MiniFestival the approprate information will be listed under the respective location.




Inverness Prayer Groups


In Inverness, there are established prayer groups and these can be found by clicking here.


However, Wednesday each week is a day when there is an established focus on prayer i.e.







Early morning prayer meeting - YMCA/CYC from 7.00am - 8.00am

(Further info Tel. 01463 731524) 

Midday prayer meeting - YMCA/CYC from 12.30pm - 1.30pm

(Further info Tel. 01456 486273)

Evening prayer meetings - many of the churches have their mid-week meetings (usually at 7.30pm)




 Footnote: Prayer Group Registration

If you are part of an established prayer group within the Highlands and Islands area but are not listed on this site, you can complete a registration form which will assist others who might be praying in your area.


Christians Together, 01/05/2009