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Christians Together

Highland Festival - Thurso MiniFestival



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Kenny Cormack (Wick) supplied the following video of some of the activities in Caithness which took place during the first week of the Highland Festival (thanks Kenny).

You may also like to have a look at a video of the activities in Bught Park, Inverness on the last day of the festival (20 June, 2009)


Kennys ReportA post-event report and reflections

HAVE a read also of the report on all the activities, including some pictures and personal comment and reflection from Kenny Cormack.

Kenny writes of the impact of the Festival on the local communities in Wick and Thurso and gives details of those who took part on the various activities.

He also speaks of some of the difficulties that emerged and the challenge to the churches to take account of division and the need to reach a contemporary society using appropriate means.

Click on the image on the right to access the report.


Christians Together, 23/06/2009

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