Keswick in Buckie 2009

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‘Keswick in Buckie’

Bible teaching convention and exhibition in:

 Buckie North Church
Cluny Square, Buckie
Saturday 1 to Friday 7, August 2009

Liam Goligher

Speakers:  Laim Goliger, Sam Gordon and Craig Dyer



Saturday - 7.30pm

Sunday - 11.00am & 7.30pm

Monday - Friday - 7.45am Prayer Meeting;  10.00am Children's Club; 10.00am Bible Study; 11.30am Morning Convention; 7.30pm Evening Convention; 9.30pm Late Night Extra

Further information:
Graeme Gerrard
Tel 01542 831124

Sandra Innes
Tel. 01542 832852

Christians Together, 23/01/2009