Euro Parliament calls for
abortion and gay marriage

Italian Communist MEP Giusto CThe European Parliament has passed a resolution which calls for abortion rights and ‘gay marriage’ to be promoted throughout the EU.

The resolution was proposed by Italian Communist MEP, Giusto Catania. It also calls for critics of homosexuality to be silenced.

It was agreed to by 401 votes to 220 with 67 abstentions. A European Parliament resolution is not legally binding but expresses the institutional position of the parliament.

Resolutions are sometimes called ‘soft law’ because they are used in other international documents or judicial proceedings and can build pressure for creating binding laws.

The resolution is based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, part of the Lisbon treaty, despite the fact that neither the charter nor the Lisbon treaty have been passed into law.

Although much of it deals with xenophobia, and the rights of children and refugees, it also demanded the promotion of reproductive rights – a euphemism for abortion.

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Christian Institute, 20/01/2009