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Luis Palau visit to Inverness (Oct. 2008)

Luis PreachesOn Thursday (2 October) Luis Palau spoke in Inverness to a gathering of church leaders drawn from across the Highlands. The conference was a result of meetings and discussions which have been going on since 2006.
Part of the purpose of the gathering was to explore the prospect of a wide-area outreach in 2009 in conjunction with the churches in the Highland area. And if this venture is to go ahead, June of next year would be the time-slot.

The international evangelist gave an encouraging message from Scripture after which those gathered watched two video presentations of previous outreach events. The  first covered an outreach in London in 1982, and the second gave an overview of the more recent 'festival'-type events which the Luis Palau Assocciation conduct in conjunction with local churches.

At the Inverness meeting which was held in the Lochardil Hotel, two local pastors gave their personal testimonies of how they found Christ at Luis Palau events.

Additionally Grant Bell and Tommie Mackay gave short accounts of how they had both - and independently of each other - approached Luis at the Keswick Convention in 2006 about the prospect of him coming (back) to the Highlands.

Greer Johnston (Lairg) who had been one of the prime movers when Luis came to Wick and Lairg in 1979 spoke also.

Whilst the Luis Palau Association will be further praying to confirm the Lord's will  in it all, there was a strong and positive sense at both the Lochardil meeting and also at an earlier meeting with local Christian businessmen to "go for it."

The festival format is very much aimed at the young people of our day, but peripheral events cover all age-ranges; and though the main activities would be based in Inverness, Luis and his team are very keen to travel to other population centres in the Highland area (and even beyond).

Audio iconYou can listen to three short interviews (wrapped up in one) with Luis, Randy and Andrew which they gave to Christians Together at the close of the meeting. Luis gives background to how the Lord had placed a desire on his heart to come (back) to the Highlands, and how he feels that what God will do will have an impact on the rest of the nation (with mention of Jean Darnall's prophecy); Randy spoke of his own sense of leading and, without presuming too much, how things might progress from the end of this year towards June of 2009. Meanwhile Andrew gave a brief overview of the prayer needs of the Luis Palau Association in  terms of the festivals planned to take place in other parts, and the LPA commitment to pray for us in the north of Scotland.

Louis PalauYou can also watch a short (edited) series of video clips from the Inverness conference.

Below are some snapshots taken at the Inverness conference

Prayer Point
Please pray meanwhile that the Holy Spirit will give clear guidance/confirmation so that all that may be conformed to the mind of God.

Chrstians Together, 05/10/2008

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