Easter 2008 Silent Witness


Act of Silent Witness on Good Friday, 21 March, 2008
from 11.00am - 12 noon

As a part of the Easter scene in Inverness it has become a custom for local Christian believers to stand around a large cross at the intersection of Inglis Street and the High Street for an hour on Good Friday from 11.00am until 12 noon.

This act of silent witness is a poignant reminder to passing shoppers of the price paid by Christ on Calvary and has traditionally been organised by the Salvation Army.
Major Paul Billard writes to invite any and every believer to come and stand for whatever period possible during the hour.

Additionally the Inverness Branch of the Scottish Bible Society is due to conduct an outreach in the Eastgate Centre and the streets leading towards the Silent Witness


Silent Witness2
Silent Witness on Inverness High Street - Good Friday 2008

Paul Billard, 26/03/2008