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Legal Advice on Street Preaching

street preacherThere are many sensible laws which protect freedom to preach and distribute free Christian literature in public places.
In some instances, public officials have sought to restrict this liberty by misapplying the law. It is therefore important that Christians who engage in evangelism in public places have some knowledge of the law.

The Christian Institute has published information about these laws on its website. This includes legal advice from a lawyer given to the Open Air Mission. We have reproduced this advice with the permission of OAM and its lawyer.

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John Parker (Guest) 29/01/2010 11:18
With the news yesterday that a van driver was given a standing fine by the police for blowing his nose while his van was stationary with the handbrake on we can see where this country is heading.
Add this to stories about poeple being threatened by police officers for taking pictures in a public place and we need to ask how long it will be before Christians (and other 'enemies of the state') will be locked up on the most spurious of charges.
Peter Carr 29/01/2010 12:02
Not long John! And maybe that is what we need to push the church out of its comfort zones. Persecution tends to refine!!
Paul Whitworth (Guest) 29/01/2010 12:29
Here's an interesting one for you.

Careful what you post, especially when it comes to those who oppose Israel!
Editor 30/01/2010 06:46
Paul, I would appreciate it if you could contact me regarding the information that you have referred to.
Thanks in anticipation.
Paul Whitworth (Guest) 30/01/2010 12:36

I made it sound like I agree with Rev Sizer, NOT AT ALL!

I meant to write,

Careful what you post, especially when it comes to challenging those who oppose Israel!

Though I personally wouldn't mind the opportunity to witness to a couple of policemen.
Athiest (Guest) 04/12/2010 16:29
I love doing a bit of shopping to the sound of unevolved christian zealots screaming down an amplified microphone, calling shoppers sinners and preaching (strong expletive) in the middle of the street. I saw two children crying recently for (strong expletive). It is rediculous. I think there should be more stringent laws against this in the UK? Believe what you want, but don't you dare shove it down peoples throats you (strong expletive). (Strong expletive)!

You don't see the RAC man screaming at people with a 250w Marshall amp, calling them traitors for not joining one of the UK's most progressive motoring organisations, that has over 7million members, and the world's most advanced computer systems to deal with roadside assistance calls...NO! He humbly stands there and waits for people to approach him for information, not the other way round. You don't see the British Legion up in peoples faces do you? No because they respect personal space.

Christians, your DOING IT WRONG!


Rational people.

Me (Guest) 23/04/2011 01:15
Dear Atheist

I agree that some people 'do it wrong'.

However, being an Atheist, there would never be way for us to 'do it right' in your eyes anyway, would there?

Many people may not be interested but there are always those who embrace the message of the Gospel and whose lives are radically transformed, like me!

My one question when I became a Christian was ,'Why didn't anyone ever tell me?'

I am not interested in advertising, yet it is rammed down our throats on TV, Radio, Internet and on billboards and posters everywhere, selling us the lie that our lives will be better if we only buy this ir that product. No-one complains about this because it makes money.
Martin Lisemore 27/04/2011 23:53
Atheist, whilst I must respect your views, according to Blair, I don't see in law where I must respect drivel, even Blair's, and theres been a lot of that!

So, what case are you actually trying to make?

Have you got the conviction of your statement to make a full blown debate? I think not.

Disagree, then come back.
daisy (Guest) 31/05/2012 02:26
We as humans always want to do what is pleasing before our eyes and if it feeos right then do it. The Lord never intended for this to be this way. I understand that some preachers out there have made mistakes and instead of providing an invitation towards God force things . But think about this ...daily we are force to see and watcy and hear things that are just distrubing example teaching our young girls how to dress more provocative through the media... Now days nothing really sells if its sexualized.... But those few that crave morality and want to share the good news of the gospel are called unrational? ..... Im so thankful that God has touched my life and street evangelism is a blessing for those who are under the umbrella of this corrupted generation. Thank u Lord for thise who are still preaching truth.
An athiest (Guest) 04/05/2014 17:32
Trying to find anywhere where it tells me about Laws on Preaching...if there are any. I'm fine with people who choose to follow religion but I don't think it should be forced upon anyone like what happened to myself and a bus full of other people earlier today. On the street is fine because you can walk away but when you're on a bus and you don't want to listen to it and he rambles on, it's annoying. It's not right. There should be laws against it if there aren't any.
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