World View comes to Scotland



 The Bibleworld SBS Studios, Scottish Bible Society’s travelling multimedia educational resource for the whole of Scotland has taken on a new staff member who brings with him a wide experience of Christian communities and Bible work from throughout the world.
James Milligan (59) was born in Peterhead and spent much of his childhood in Australia. He trained as a teacher before going out to the Middle East where he taught for some years. Eventually he moved into development work with Church-based charities working with the handicapped, the poor and the illiterate. Subsequently he spent time supporting the ministries of the national churches in the Mediterranean countries.
Married to Inke, a Finnish national, and with three sons James and his family now live in Edinburgh.
“I’m looking forward to extending my work with Bibleworld SBS Studios,” he says, “because I have already seen that this travelling classroom can play a valuable part in reaching Scotland’s young people with the message of the Bible.  We aim to show children that the Bible is interesting and relevant, contrary to what they might think before they step onto the trailer!”
Set up by the national society that for nearly 200 years has been responsible for ensuring that the Bible is promoted and "made available to all peoples in appropriate and relevant forms", the Bibleworlds have been visited by tens of thousands of young people since the first one was opened in 1991. Bibleworld SBS Studios, now in its second travelling version, has visited places throughout Scotland offering a similar educational experience to nearly 20,000 students since 1997. With Bibleworld Experience in Edinburgh and the Bibleworld SBS Studios travelling throughout the country, both are now greatly updated into state-of-the-art facilities.
Using multimedia computer activities, the highly acclaimed centre is designed to bring the story of the Bible to life. The components of Bibleworld are related to the school curriculum and activities complement and enhance classroom learning.

Elaine Duncan, chief executive of the Scottish Bible Society, says, "We aim to promote the Bible as God's Word for today, and to make it available to all in appropriate and relevant forms. It is important that our young people have the opportunity to experience the richness of the Bible's story and its place in their culture; Bibleworld certainly helps in that.
"Besides our work with individuals, in churches and schools throughout Scotland we are linked with other national Bible Societies - 141 in all - throughout the world. With them, and thanks to our committed and loyal local supporters, we are involved in translating, publishing and distributing the Christian scriptures in 200 other countries. We are proud that Scottish men and women have done so much throughout the ages to ensure that the Bible, and its Good News message, is made available to so many."
As part of its work the Society has been a pioneer in religious education, bringing this unique hi-tech experience to schoolchildren and their teachers.
April  2007                                                                           
For more information contact: John Lloyd 07973 419628
The local (Highland) BBS representative is: Alasdair Moodie.


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