Parliamentary Prayer for Scotland

Anne McIntyre is the Director of Parliamentary Prayer Scotland; she and the PPS team led a seminar on prayer for our Scottish politicians and leaders at the recent "Storehouse" conference held in Drumossie Hotel organised by Pray for Scotland.

She was ably assisted in her presentation by her PPS colleague Ann Stewart.


The PPS seminar included a preview of a video which is soon to be released by CARE entitled "Make the Cross Count".

Susan Wilson who has just returned from an extended visit to Canada with her husband Ian, presented the conference with encouragements and insights into how God is working in that country. She spoke into a powerpoint presentation which amply outlined the biblical injunctions to pray for those who rule over us; and the nature of the prayers that we should be making for the governing authorities over us.

In an interview with Christians Together at the conference Anne spoke of the concern on her heart that a "desperate cry goes up from the Scottish people". With reference to the cry of the Israelites when enslaved in Egypt, she believes that as we in Scotland begin to cry out to God in this manner He will "raise up leaders in this land; so that His voice will be heard again."
Following on from a message delivered earlier in the conference by Tommy Macneil, Anne reinforced her belief that we need to be in a place of utter dependance on God as we plead with Him for our nation.


Audio icon         You can listen to (or download) the short interview with Anne by selecting the link at the foot of this page, or by going to the "Home / Audio/Video" menu on this Christians Together web site.

Anyone wishing to receive the regular PPS prayer briefing can go on to the list by e-mailing Anne.
Or by visiting the PPS web site.

Anne McIntyre at the PPS stand at the
Storehouse conference in the Drumossie Hotel, Inverness.

Information about the MSPs for the Highlands and Islands area can also be obtained on the PPS web site by <clicking here>.


Christians Together interview with Parliamentary Prayer Scotland Anne McIntyre -Director of PPS
An interview with Anne McIntyre (Director of PPS) during a Pray for Scotland "Storehouse" conference in Inverness. The PPS team led an afternoon seminar on praying for those who govern us.
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Recorded: 13/03/2007
Length: 4 minutes
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