Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

It is hoped to populate this section with a list of FAQs. So, if you have any questions, please send them in by <clicking here>; or by leaving your question comment at the foot of this document. 

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Q. How is it that some links and menu options do not seem to work for me?
A. Some parts of this site are only accessible by registered members (e.g. the Forums, Address Book and Chat areas).

Q. Some parts of the menu are "greyed out" (i.e. inaccessible). Why is this?
A. These are areas of the site that are only available to registered members.

Q. How much of my contact details do I need to give when registering?
A. Minimum of name and e-mail address.

Q. Why should I give any more contact information than that?
A. The site will be of greatest benefit to you and to others if it carries fuller information. It will also be helpful to Christians Together to ensure that the news presented to you is most relevant to your interests and geographical location. (See following Q/A.)


Q. How much of my contact information will be available to others?
A. You choose.
Select "My profile" in the "My Area" menu; and set the options for viewing (or not) of a selection - defined by you - of your contact details by the following categories of site users:-
(a) registered members via the address book and
(b) site visitors who are not members of the site.


Q. Can I "tailor" my site access to the parts that are of interest to me?
Yes. Go to "My Involvement" in the "My Area" menu.

Q. I have responsibilities within a church or Christian Organisation. Can I have my church or organisation listed?
A. Yes. Go to the "Directory" area under the "Resources and Links" menu. You can then download, complete and return a Word document giving the relevant information about your church or organisation.

Q. If I do that, do I need to register as an individual?
A. Not necessarily, but it would be of benefit to you if you do. The "Directory" and  the "Address Book" are two different entities.

Q. How can I find relevant information quickly?
A. Use the "Search" facility, by entering a key word in the box and then selecting "Go".

Q. What are the orange buttons marked "XML"? XML
A. These give you access to the full "headings" of all information in the respective section. And you can "register" these on your browser bookmarks for quick access on future occasions.

Q. What are the buttons marked PDF? PDF
A. These allow you to produce an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the section you are viewing. You can then print out the PDF file.

Q. Why are some parts of the site more heavily populated with information than others?
A. The site is new and is in  the process of being developed. You can help by sending in information from your area.


Q. Many events are not applicable to me: do I have to see all of these on my web page?

A. By registering, you can choose which parts of the site interest you; and select to see these only.

Q. Sometimes when I click on a button or link nothing seems to happen. Why is this?
A. Check that your browser (or other software on your computer) is not blocking "pop-ups".

Q. I've forgotten my logon name and/or password: what do I do?

A. <Click here> for an explanation.


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