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'Big Ticket' prayer points for the UK (and beyond?)

...and the vital importance of discerning the will of God in corporate intercession.

praying togetherJPGPreamble

Praying regularly in a small intimate group with fellow believers whom we know well is a great blessing indeed: but what happens when – on very important issues – there are differing views?  When asked by one of his disciples, “teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1) Jesus answered in what has since become known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. (In fact it should be more correctly called ‘The Disciples’ Prayer’.) And so we pray: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Luke 11:2 KJV).

It’s a great prayer; but it can sometimes be employed as a ‘catch all’ petition with little thought and even less spiritual discernment behind the plea. But surely we are called to pray in an ‘informed’ manner; in the will of the Lord as revealed by His Word and His Spirit?

Differing views

At the time preceding the vote in the UK on whether or not to leave the European Union, a group of mature Christian leaders who had met and prayed together for a period of years found that they were at odds in their opinions on that major yes/no issue of great spiritual import.
Accordingly, this situation revealed a serious problem: in fact it highlighted more than one serious problem.

First of all it showed that half (let’s say) of the grouping were – in terms of God’s will – right; and the other half wrong.
The God we serve and pray to is not double-minded: nor does the Holy Spirit speak with a forked tongue.
Leaving aside the issue itself, it would therefore also seem that a substantial number of ‘leaders’ were not in fact hearing from the Lord. Indeed in the particular situation it appeared that some supported their views with reference to socio-political/economic rationale and personal leanings than on God-given spiritual direction.
The God we serve and pray to is not double-minded: nor does the Holy Spirit speak with a forked tongue. Jesus instructed in his ‘Revelation’ letters to the seven churches,
“Let he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev. 2:7 ff).

And so too today. It is therefore incumbent on us to discern the will of God so we can pray into the will of God, that indeed God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
But how do we – collectively in the case of communal prayer – hear from God? How do we, at any one moment or on any one issue know for certain how to pray? On issues on which the Word of God gives no clear direction, one very important means of discerning the mind of God is to share our thoughts with one another and then hold these views before the Lord in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s affirmation (or not).
Major spiritual issues in our day and age

In our present day there are major spiritual issues facing the United Kingdom and the world beyond.
The nature of the issues and the respective views listed below are shared by a number of spiritually mature and discerning Christian believers who feel the need to recognise and pray regarding: -
  • The extreme danger – political, physical, societal and supremely, spiritual – of a totalitarian, often extremely violent ideology which operates on the foundation of an anti-Christian and anti-Semitic religious belief system.

  • The extreme danger of the continuing and strenuous efforts to totally subvert and distort the God-given model for marriage and personal identity; and to outrageously abuse and corrupt the minds of even the youngest children through indoctrination (masquerading as 'education').

  • The sexual abuse of, and the attacks upon infants, older children and adults.

  • The anti-God spirit resident in the heart of the European experiment which seeks to enslave and dominate every country under its control.

  • The universal and enduring racial and religious hatred of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

  • The dark spirit behind nationalism in Scotland (and perhaps elsewhere) which would seek the breakup of the United Kingdom as a (unwritten) constitutional monarchy i.e. the ‘Queen in Parliament’ as a reigning monarch who is in sworn allegiance to the ultimate authority of God.

  • The increasing suppression and criminalisation of free speech through the legal system, and the outlawing of expressions of the Christian faith in both public bodies and private enterprise.

  • The attacks on the sanctity of life; principally at both ends of the age spectrum.

  • The profanity, immorality, perversion and violence which are regular features of television, video and electronic media.

  • The corruption, greed and illicit behaviour which continues to be exposed (but also covered-up) in many areas of life including the main pillars of society.

For meaningful fellowship in corporate prayer there needs to be a consensus on all major topics amongst any group of believers.

Do these views reflect the mind of God in this present hour and generation? Can those who regularly pray together find a corporate "Amen" regarding these points? If not, how meaningful is that prayer fellowship?
1. The above points have been developed in consultation with a number of spiritually-discerning prayerful believers. The list could be much longer but these are posited as being issues of prime importance in consensual prayer. 
2. It is hoped to do a 'sister' article regarding issues within the church, so any responses should be restricted to issues within the nation.
3. The response facility (below) can be used  by Christian believers to express any thoughts on the above. (Comments from other sources are liable to be removed.)
4. Bona fide responses can be made using a pseudonym if so desired, but the writer should make themselves known to the Editor by private e-mail.
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david wilson (scarborough) (Guest) 23/02/2018 16:37
very well put and accurate! We in Scarborough have seen that most churches do not preach "sin/repentance". Many churches in the town are "anti jewish" that is, they will not/do not support Israel nor will they engage in any prayer meeting in regard to Israel. Equally praying for souls to be saved (from "hell") is equally, for many a "no go area". We, here, in our own home have become very aware of what is no longer "watchable" for us in terms of TV/Video. Our prayer lounge now only has 2-3 regular intercessors at each weekly prayer meeting. Others, who have come, have-we understand, given up as they do not agree with each other on what should and should not be taken to the Lord in Prayer!
Tom Cunliffe (Guest) 23/02/2018 17:13
I fear that Christians are far too exercised on the rights and wrongs of Brexit. Did the apostle Paul every express any interest in national boundaries or alliances when writing to the churches in the various areas in which they were planted? Of course not - his only interest was the advance of the gospel. I would refer readers to John Newton's letters, particularly the one commonly headed "True Patriotism" which leads as follows

"Allow me to say, that it excites both my wonder and concern, that a Christian minister such as yourself, should think it worth his while to attempt political reforms. When I look around upon the present state of the nation, such an attempt appears to me, to be no less vain and foolish, than it would be to paint the cabin—while the ship is sinking! Or to decorate the parlor—while the house is on fire!

When our Lord Jesus was upon earth, He refused to get involved in disputes or politics, "Friend, who appointed Me a judge or arbitrator over you?" Luke 12:14. "My kingdom is not of this world! If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight!" John 18:36. God's children belong to a kingdom which is not of this world; they are strangers and pilgrims upon earth, and a part of their Scriptural character is, that they are the "quiet in the land." Psalm 35:20.

"Satan has many contrivances to amuse people, and to divert their thoughts from their real danger!"
Rosemary Cameron 24/02/2018 21:21
I agree with all the points of concern above and would like to add the increasing influence of Buddhism on our society through the twin Trojan Horses of mindfulness and veganism.
Editor 25/02/2018 16:14
Indeed Rosemary. The NHS (in our region certainly) is promoting Mindfulness and the classes are held in the local Buddhist centre. I know of at least one psychology professor in one of our main universities is pushing this psycho-spiritual practise.
jack (Guest) 26/02/2018 20:13
I wrote the following more than 20 years ago now:

This country, this once strong man reposes terminally ill in his death bed. And as he lies there dying he has a feed tube inserted into his mouth, and a drip tube intravenously connected to his right arm. At the moment the intravenous tube has been closed by a clamping device, and this sick old man is sucking desperately on the tube in his mouth - the tube being connected to a bottle whose narcotic contents are grey, and which carries a label marked "more spiritual compromise".
The other tube, the one which is attached to his right arm (but for the moment is clamped shut) is connected to a bottle which is suspended above his head, whose contents are blood red, and which carries a label which states: 'Freely and selflessly given at Calvary for the regeneration of mortal life and the resurrection to eternal life'.
And the tragedy of this very real scenario is that the only reason that the life-giving transfusion isn't flowing into the sick old man's arm is that it is the vice like grip of his own hand which has clamped the tube. It is the patient's own continuing, deliberate and stubborn rejection of Christ which is killing him. Christ's feelings towards those who reject him are clearly expressed in Matthew 23/37-38:
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.
Jesus has provided the transfusion; He's even provided the intravenous tube - the spiritual umbilical - His Holy Spirit. All that any man, or any nation of men need do is spit out the tube in their ever-hungry mouth, and in releasing their self-determining grip on the eternal artery of life, receive from Jesus Christ.
If the people of this country seek real freedom, real safety, real security, real peace in their lives, and the real assurance of eternal life with God in Heaven, then they, one and all, have no real choice to make, for the only God who can deliver reality in any sphere of existence is, not unnaturally, the only real God - Jesus Christ, which facts are consistently and clearly stated in the sixty-six books which constitute the Holy Bible.

And, as I view Scotland now, all that I can see and smell is the disordered, decaying and putrefying flesh of its once living carcass.
Scotland no longer needs healing - it needs resurrection.

Editor 27/02/2018 14:27
The following has come in from a believer:

"The challenge that I have received centres upon our response to the current confusion over our departure from the EU. I believe that we are being called to stand and to declare a ‘no deal’ outcome.
We should not negotiate with contrary spiritual powers that are working to overturn God’s ordained will. We have been called to severe ourselves from the ungodly EU and to trust Him to deliver us into our national redemptive calling.
Such declaration should be widely communicated both within the church and in the public square".

jack (Guest) 28/02/2018 15:24
I do not understand what is meant by 'National Redemptive Calling' - does it have a scriptural base to which I could refer?
From my standpoint the UK is as godless as any in the European conglomerate.
The only growing spirit in Scotland at the moment is Islam - which denies Christ's divinity and relegates Him to the mere status of prophet while substituting Him with a god of human devising
Some have suggested that Scotland will be a Muslim country by the mid fifties..........
And sadly, when you consider that the majority of the population in this country are governed by a spirit which denies Christ's divinity, relegates Him to the status of a good man and then substitutes Him with a god of their own or someone else's devising then....Scotland, generically speaking, is already a Muslim nation.
I do pray for this nation - but, we are in the end times - and we are told to expect a great falling away, and I have long since started to think that, in praying for revival, I am praying against God's will.
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