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Visions and Dreams awakening Muslims

A missionary who was skeptical about reports of God speaking to Muslims in supernatural ways is now planning to publish a book on amazing stories about how Muslims are coming to faith through dreams and visions.
  first published 25/08/12

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Christianity Today

muslim at prayerTom Doyle has spent the last 11 years working as a missionary in the Middle East. He was initially skeptical about reports that God was speaking to Muslims in supernatural ways. But his mindset changed when his friend told him: "God showed me that my theology does not determine his action."

He's made dozens of trips out to the region as director of e3 Partners' work there, and heard many stories from Muslims about how they came to faith as a result of seeing Jesus in a dreams or vision. Now Tom wants to share these amazing stories with other Christians.
His book, co-written with Greg Webster, will be out from Thomas Nelson on 4 September. In his addition to his own story, the book includes those documented by
close friends in the region.
"If we couldn't verify the experience, we left it out – no Christian fairy tales here," Doyle writes.

In one amazing story, a Muslim kidnaps a Christian in Cairo, one of the most dangerous places in the world to spread the Gospel, and takes him at gunpoint to an abandoned warehouse. Inside, he meets a group of ten imams, who tell him they have been having dreams about Jesus and ask him to teach them about the Bible.

Dreams and visions have become common among Muslims in the Middle East who have embraced the Christian faith. Doyle says the dreams open the door for Muslims to hear about Jesus in countries where spreading the Gospel is forbidden.

"God showed me that my theology does not determine his action."

While the West associates Islam with terrorism, Doyle believes the majority of Muslims are peace-loving.

"I believe Islamic terrorism is Satan's attempt to keep the Gospel message away from Muslims," he writes. But Tom knows that even Satan can't stop the Gospel from spreading.

"More Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus today than ever before," Doyle writes. "In fact, we believe more Muslims have become followers of Jesus in the last ten years than in the last 14 centuries of Islam."

Christianity Today, 13/01/2015

(Guest) 28/01/2015 23:10
This IS but a fairy tale.

The Bible says "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" Romans 10.17. Who will YOU believe?

According to what I have just read above, it is by "visions and dreams" that they 'believe' not by the preaching of God's Word.

Jeremiah 29.8.
Editor 29/01/2015 11:53
Guest your post says more about you than it does about the testimonies of dreams and visions. The Lord is away beyond personal prejudices and experiences. But you've had your say. Further posts from you will be deleted.
John Miller 29/01/2015 18:58
Mr Robertson called on the then President of America, I think it was George Bush, to "take out" the then President of Venezuela, now deceased.

You'll find it on u-tube if you search diligently.

I wrote to him at the time protesting at such an action by someone who claims o be a leader in the Christian church. Needless to say, I did not get a reply.

(Guest) 29/01/2015 20:03
I remember that well John!
Robertson also put himself forward for President, back in the 80's if my memory serves me right.
There is no doubt that Robertson, like many other so-called 'Christian leaders' is a very successful businessman, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him, so to speak, to him, money talks.
Ed-take note.
Editor 29/01/2015 20:04
The video is not about Pat Robertson, but about the testimony of others.

(And note to 'Guest' (20:03) - I pay no attention to those who hide behind anonymity.)
(Guest) 29/01/2015 20:32
These sort of stories may have credibility if we could see the 'proof in the pudding' as were.
But when we survey the mainline news channels, and even the non-mainline, or alternate media, all we hear about is genocide, murders, be-headings, bombs an much else?
Editor 29/01/2015 23:16
One needs to dig a bit deeper than the daily news headlines to discover all that is going on in our complex world.

And it is worthwhile to remember that for a Muslim to renounce Islam invites a death sentence, so it's likely that many many stories never reach the headlines.
Jack Thomson (Guest) 01/02/2015 17:35
How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10/14-15

Held up against the light of God's word these conversions must be viewed counterfeit.
And its not difficult to understand Satan's ploy. He's moving to create a one world religion with the Pope as its head - so it stands to reason that he will start a process which will precipate and facilitate a mixing of 'christian' and islamic religions....
Editor 23/02/2015 10:15
Pastors 'B' and 'A' are local pastors in a Muslim country write (22/02/15): "Today there were more than 200 people at our worship services. Please pray for God's help to plant more Churches among Muslims."

The e-mail (with picture attached) goes on:

Again, greetings to you in Jesus’ name!
Thanks for your continuous prayers for us & ministry. Your prayers are changing the hearts of the radical Muslims, the situation and all kinds of oppositions that we face regularly.


** College Ministry: Two of our young believer girls are regularly meeting students at Govt. colleges. They are trying to make friendship with others and praying for opportunity to share The Gospel to Muslim students.

** Health Care Ministries : God is using our health care ministries for Mother & Child for the extension of His Kingdom. 'A' is reaching more Women through health care ministries. Several patients along with their children are attending at Sunday worship services by His grace

** Monthly Prayer Meetings for Secret Believers: God has helped Sister 'N' to conduct a prayer meeting for few of our secrete believers last week at a hidden place due to their security purposes. God has filled our hearts with His love & compassion for them and we are planning to conduct the fellowship for them at least once in a month at a hidden place.

** More new Muslim women along with their sons & daughters are attending at our Friday worship services and house Churches by His grace in the midst of threats by their radical Muslim relatives. They are becoming more hunger to worship Jesus.

** God is helping us to run free tuition centre for poor children, feeding to the hungry & poor children and other various kinds of ministry to reach more Muslims and establish Churches inside Muslim community.

A FEW PRAYER POINTS: Please Pray ………..

** That God may provide an Assistant Pastor for our Sunday worship services. Also pray that He might add more men, women and youth at our Sunday worship services for His own glory. We are praying for at least 1000 people may attend at our worship services regularly.

** That God may help us to reach more Muslims and starts more House Churches at different places / villages for His own glory. Also pray that He may raise more workers for His ministry.

** For Br. A and his business. His business is not running good form last few months. He and his entire family members are praying to God for His divine provision for their family needs.

** For our all dear secrete believers from Muslim family those who are not able to worship Jesus publicly, they might get freedom to worship Him publicly and be strong in their faith in Jesus.

** For God’s provision to support more Gospel workers to reach out more people for Jesus and establish House Churches at different areas/ villages / towns.

** For N’s board exams which will be held from 27th Feb 2015 to 23rd March 2015. Pray that God may help her to remember all that she has studied and write excellent in her exams.

** That God may provide more tracts & Bibles for our evangelism work among the Muslims & Hindus.

** For spiritual growth in our own lives. Pray for His grace to follow Him every day in our lives.

B(xxx) & A(xxx)

Penny Lee 23/02/2015 12:44
There is absolutely no reason why God can't speak directly into the hearts of these Muslim people. We all know of the experience of the apostle Paul on the Damascus road. His conversion certainly can't be attributed to others telling him about the gospel. Even although he had knowledge of it from his background, it was clearly not what was responsible for his life-changing experience that day.

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