Forres group rename as 'Christians  Together'

A group of believers in the Forres area and drawn from across the local churches have been operating a Drop-In facility which 'seeks to serve God and the community. The group is now moving forward under the new name of 'Christians Together'.

by Anna Temple
Centre Manager

CT Forres flowersTWO years ago a group of Christians representing all of the Churches in the area decided to work together to open a Christian Drop-In in Forres.

In a recent prayer meeting we felt it was important to pray for active and new connections with churches and community as we move forward under our new name of 'Christians Together in Forres'. (Please note, the name is not 'Churches Together' -a familiar term which doesn’t describe us at the moment, and Christians Together conveys the inclusion of all Christians.) [See Footnote - Ed.]

We open every Friday from 10.00am - 4.00pm. Volunteers come from all of the local churches and together we aim to provide a Christ-centred facility which seeks to serve God and serve the community.

The purpose is to make available a non-denominational meeting place where all will be made warmly welcome in a relaxed environment. We serve teas, coffees etc.and a cheese toastie at lunch-times with suggested £1 donation.

We have a large Christian library  and donations of books always welcome. We are also an outreach for CLC bookshops in Inverness and have new books and Christian gifts etc. sale or return on a monthly basis.

CT Forres Books1

A  comfy environment

CT Forres groupIt is a lovely building (formerly a shop) with nice comfy armchairs.

We have a fair bit of involvement with a centre of alternative spirituality in the vicinity and we have had to work very hard to eliminate all traces of those spirits infiltrating the work. (Satan is a great deceiver).

We are working towards all of the Christians in the area to be standing together. We have experienced the darkness and the battle going on here.

We would be happy to hear from anyone who wishes to know more about the work. The Centre address is 1 Leask Road, Forres and feel free to drop in on Fridays between 10.00am and 4.00pm to talk. Prayer takes place at 9.30am.

Anna Temple (Centre Manager)

Ed footnote: The name Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands was chosen to reflect the nature of the and span of this web site, and the Forres folk were in touch with the Editor prior to adopting the new name for their group which – in like manner – reflects the ethos behind the work.


Anna Temple, 23/09/2010

Anna Temple (Guest) 06/01/2011 11:06
The drop-in re-opens on January 7th 2011. We are open FRIDAYS from 10am - 4pm.

Unfortunately are volunteers are much depleted and we are urgently seeking new volunteers. We also need much prayer to get us through the difficult times we have been experiencing recently.

We don't have a full-time male volunteer any more and some of our part-time volunteers gave up at the end of the year mainly due to ill-heath.

However our Christian library is starting to take off and we now have in excess of 700 Christian books.

We will have our regulars queueing at the door on Friday and a much depleted staff!
Jean Bishop-Greentree (Guest) 11/02/2012 23:19
I live too far away to become a volunteer but I will certainly remember you in prayer as you continue to do a great work for The Lord.
Editor 12/02/2012 09:31
Jean, If you e-mail me I will ensure that the folks in Forres receive your encouragements.
anna temple (Guest) 20/06/2013 13:39
now moved to the Tolbooth in Forres - centre of town - please pray for Christians Together in Forres - we need volunteers so desperately.....Anna
Editor 21/06/2013 20:31
Anna, if you contact me to confirm the details for the new venue I will ammend the article. Thanks. Ed.

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