No Gay Weddings at Queen Mother's Castle

Castle of MeyTRUSTEES of the Castle of Mey, the Queen Mother's former Scottish home, are at the centre of a row after insisting only religious marriages will be permitted on the property, pulling up the drawbridge to civil ceremonies or gay partnerships.
Management thought they could earn extra funds during the quiet winter months by promoting the late Queen Mother's beloved castle as "Scotland's latest romantic wedding venue".

But the move has led to gay groups alleging discrimination and insisting the venue should be open to all.

Under the plans, couples seeking a religious wedding can apply to have it in the surroundings of the castle, in Caithness.

Read on in the Scotsman....

The report states that a marriage can take place at the castle if performed by a religious figure who already holds a licence. With current developments within many of the mainstream churches it is very likely that an obliging cleric will be found in order to satisfy the 'religious' requirement.

Elsewhere a Highland newspaper carried a report of a lesbian couple who were 'married' in a civil partnership ceremony in Inverness a few years ago by a local Church of Scotland minister.

Christians Together, 24/03/2009

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a h 27/03/2009 11:57
It's good for encouragement to see folk standing up for what is right and honourable.
Peter Carr 27/03/2009 12:10
Amen, there are times that we need to be unPC!
Aberdeenshire Minister (Guest) 27/03/2009 20:19
Is there not another approach to this?

If Christ's Church is meant to be an "inclusive" Church - should we not be considering those whom we have previously excluded?

I don't believe that there is anything "PC" or "unPC" in this.

Rather, should we not be opening our locked doors to ALL made in the image of God.

Just an idea - you understand.
Penny Lee 27/03/2009 20:34
Aberdeenshire Minister,

That all sounds good in theory but it is not Biblical at all. The way we should respond is in 1st Corinthians chapter 5 and it makes very clear that it is not our right to judge those outwith the church - that responsibility lies squarely with God Himself. However, it couldn't be more clear that we have to deal with these sorts of issues when they occur within the church.

Welcoming people of all persuasions into the church is perfectly fine but that doesn't mean we turn a blind eye to practices which are condemned in the Bible, not condemned by us because we have no right to condemn anyone, but condemned by God.

If we refuse to deal with these issues, and I fully accept that it is a very difficult thing to do, we ourselves come under God's judgement. That is not a place I want to be.
Peter Carr 27/03/2009 21:00
Aberdeenshire minister said, "Rather, should we not be opening our locked doors to ALL made in the image of God."

The only problem is what sin has done to God's image in us! That sin can only be dealt with via the Cross and what Jesus achieved for us there.

God sets very strict criteria for those who are to handle His word publicly, and a comprehensive reading of Rom 1: 18 ff leaves us in no doubt about what God feels about immorality in humanity, and 1 Tim 3 along with Col 3 etc, leave us in no doubt about God's instructions for those called to minister His word!
noidletalking (Guest) 02/10/2009 11:23
what a shame that so many christians still excuse their bigotries with feeble interjections - either you do judge or you do not - please have the courage to stand up for that and so others can identify their oppressors - the more you excuse your bigotries the more you give succour to those whose persecution is more severe - of these consequences you cannot wash your hands
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