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Dutch MP determined to come to the UK

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders

 Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament since 1998 and the founder of the Party for Freedom, has been re-invited to screen his latest film, 'Fitna' , in the House of Lords later this month after the original event was cancelled in the face of threats by Lord Ahmed to mobilise 10,000 Muslims outside Parliament to stop Mr Wilders entering Parliament.

Speaking yesterday  (11/02/09) to the BBC the MP said that in spite of the attempts by the British Government, he intends to board a plane to London on Thursday afternoon.

The Christian Legal Centre are of the opinion: Lord Ahmed's attempts to silence debate on the true nature of Islam fail.

Mr. Wilders recently delivered an addreass at the Hudson Institute in New York entitled: 'When the Lights go out in Europe".
Wilders was interviewed by Danish TV (18/03/09) when he explained his views and the background to the Fitna movie.

Spectator: The intimidation of the House of Lords.
Telegraph: Controversial anti-Muslim MP banned from the UK because of public order fears

Mail: Muslim peer who invited terror suspect to visit Parliament

A Muslim peer at the heart of the opposition to extremist Dutch politician Geert Wilders's visit once invited an Al Qaeda terror suspect to visit Parliament.

Three years ago, Lord Ahmed, Labour's first Muslim peer, invited Mahmoud Abu Rideh to Westminster, after meeting him at the Regent's Park mosque.

Abu Rideh, a Palestinian, had been detained in Britain in December 2001 on suspicion of fundraising for groups linked to Al Qaeda.

Christians Together, 12/02/2009

Editor 12/02/2009 17:53
Dutch MP refused entry to Britain.

After being questioned at Heathrow, the MP said he had been to the House of Lords two weeks ago and there had been "no problem".

He added: "I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm not protesting or running through the streets of London."

See BBC interview -
Sandy (Guest) 12/02/2009 18:00
Tis not often I SAY "MUST" - BUT YOU must view Geert Wilders film - if you
have not already done so.

Switched on Radio 5 at 9am for the News - there was to be a discussion on the film - one man said it was on the Internet - put it in Google - it is
only 17 minutes.

You have to see this. I understand why the Home Secretary would not permit this to be shown in Westminster yesterday.

I think I would have permitted it for those who could view it 'responsibly'.
Fraser K Turner (Guest) 13/02/2009 13:52
The government advocates free movement of people across the EU. But it cannot deport murders and other violent criminals back to their European country of origin because it would violate their human rights.

Whether one agrees with Mr Wilders or not, it is blatantly evident that the government feared riots and effigy burning on the streets of London along with calls for the beheading of infidels. Perhaps, our Home Secretary, Jacqueline Smith did not want another video on the internet with London police in full flight.

When a nation does away with its core Christian beliefs, and follows other gods, as we undoubtedly have, by allowing anything and everything in the pursuit of multi-faith cultural diversity then, what kind of future will our children and grandchilren inherit?
John Parker (Guest) 14/02/2009 10:06
As far as I am aware whatever else is said about Wilders, he has not been taken to task for telling lies. By inference then what he has been doing is speaking the truth; and it's this that has brought him into conflict with the authorities. And it's this that should give concern to Christians.

The crime of "Hate-speech" ( a cynically twisted expression which reeks of a spirit of evil) will come to be used - indeed is being use already - to turn a Bible-preaching Christian into a social pariah who needs to be locked up.

What is happening to Wilders today could be a prophetic warning to all who love the Lord and proclaim His name amongst men (and "Sorry!" - women and children, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, language, status, religion, life-styles, personal habits, colour of hair and eyes....)
Editor 14/02/2009 23:36
Geert Wilders to sue Jacqui Smith over decision to deport controversial film-maker - The Telegraph

Dutch MP Geert Wilders is "seriously considering" taking steps to sue Jacqui Smith over her decision to ban the controversial film-maker from the UK.

The legal action would have the backing of the Dutch Government, in a move which could aggravate the diplomatic row over the ban between London and Amsterdam.

Mr Wilders said he was looking to take legal action against the Home Secretary for "blatant discrimination" in the High Court or International Court in the Hague.

See -
Peter Carr 16/02/2009 11:44
The Lord's word tell us very plainly and very simply that we reap what we sow...the UK are now beginning to reap what as been sown in this land for far too long...

...political correctness when left unchecked will have desperate consequences whether on the religious, sexual or any other front.

The further we move from the gospel and the strong Christian heritage that this land was founded on, the further we move from what blessing we could have had!
Rosemary Cameron (Guest) 16/02/2009 19:12
Radio 4 broadcast an earlier interview with Geert Wilders last night. He came across as very sane, very measured in his response to an interviewer who was blatantly biasses against him in my opinion, and not at all racist. He clearly distinguishes between Islam as a religion or ideology and individual moslems. His bravery in the face of death threats and his determination to continue highlighting his belief that Islam is a threat to western democracies were a challenge and an inspiration. Catch the interview on the BBC iplayer. It's 30 mins well worth listening to.

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