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Same sex marriage within the Church
Increasingly, churches are deciding to allow this within their walls.

There are many branches of this topic which I think should be discussed among Christians who want to continue to obey the Lord in this matter.

1)I don’t feel churches have supported gay celibate Christians who want with all their hearts to obey Jesus and not fall into sin. Christians often split along the lines of those who encourage them to sin (God wants us to be lovers…He is doing a new thing now…etc) and those who actually encourage them to sin without meaning to – by avoiding them like the plague, not offering friendship, and so on. This can drive people into sin because they can’t get love any other way.

2)There is a terrible lack of positivity towards Christians being celibate, whether they are gay or not. This despite the teaching of Jesus Himself, and St Paul.

3)I don’t think the current liberal views among some Christians started with the gay marriage question. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen a growing tolerance towards (heterosexual) Christians who divorce and remarry. I think this was the start of a very slippery slope, because I personally don’t see a lot of difference between remaining celibate because you are gay, and a heterosexual who falls in love with someone who is married, and remains celibate rather than consummate that relationship.

On a personal note: many years ago when I was around the age of 40, I had an affair with a married man. Something that still makes me ashamed although I know Jesus has forgotten that sin. I was struggling with so much – loneliness, lack of friendship from other Christians – and then there was this man offering me a shoulder to cry on. I went to the launderette one day, and there was a Christian there who started to tell me about a man in their church whose wife was pretty horrible to live with, and he met and fell in love with another Christian woman who offered him sympathy. He divorced and remarried the “nicer” woman. The man was saying he understood his reasons for divorce and remarriage but didn’t think he should hold office as one of the church leaders, whereas the rest of the church felt he should be allowed to take the leadership office. At that point, my moral fibre simply collapsed. Now it wasn’t his fault that I fell into sin, it was mine. I’m just saying how you can be over sympathetic to a brother or sisters detriment.

Our attitude towards gay Christians does need to change. We need to make them stronger not weaker. How do we do that? How do we give them love? How do we affirm them as people? How do we start to see them in a positive light, as people with something to offer the Body of Christ? Our attitude towards people who are celibate needs to change. Our attitude towards singles needs to change. (Life can be hell for any kind of singles in the Church)

I believe we are coming into an age where obeying Jesus will be equal to being immoral. The word “moral” and the word “ethical” actually mean “the majority consenting together over what is right and what is wrong”. We have lived in an age where the moral coincided very nearly with God’s Laws. Now that is no longer the case we are going to have to get used to being regarded as immoral. Soren Kierkegaard wrote a book on the subject but I’d better not get into that here.

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JL (Guest) 16/07/2016 21:45
"Our attitude toward gay Christians does need to change."


They NEED to be told/preached of sin, wrath and the judgment to come

There is NO such thing as a "gay Christian", such a term is an oxymoron!

Granted, that there were some of God's children who were delivered from such an abominable life style, mark the Apostle's words in 1 Corinthians 6.11; "Such WERE some of you..." They REPENTED, and turned away from their previous sinful lifestyle.

To call men and women "gay Christians" as you foolishly do is to cauterize their consciences; to approve and accept what they do.

Mini 17/07/2016 12:12
As usual JL, you have completely misunderstood and skewed what I was saying.

There is not one of us who is good. We are all in the same boat. You don’t have to be guilty of sexual sin to be a sinner. And as regarding sinners: Mark 2: 15 "many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him." and Luke 15:1 "Now all the tax-gatherers and the sinners were coming near Him to listen to Him". How many of us actually attract sinners? How many of us actually achieve that level of holiness and love to make sinners want our company?

This topic I started is not actually about practicing homosexuals, but I wanted to discuss attitudes, support and help for genuine born again believers in Jesus who find it a struggle to remain celibate. And I wanted to discuss how we make it harder for them.

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