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(Guest) 18/06/2016 21:57
Mini, apologies-you said "slightly slewed".
Mini 19/06/2016 12:41
Guest, I am greatly concerned that whether you realise it or not, your words are de-gloryfying God and off-topic or not I want to try and address those words, because you say God is guilty of genocide.

You can quote scripture correctly and yet be totally wrong, when it is done without understanding. For this reason we are warned to “rightly divide” the word. Indeed, your words could put a stumbling block in the way of sensitive souls.

Notice that satan quotes scripture – does that mean he is telling the truth?

When I was a small child (I hesitate to use such a personal example) my mother, who outwardly was a Christian, told me several times: “satan is the most beautiful thing in the whole world; he is the star of the morning”. Even at the age of around five, I hated what she said and I argued. So she said: “It says so in the bible”.

Well, you see it does! I was not able to overcome that block in my mind until I was around the age of forty, when I prayed and asked God to explain why scripture says satan is “the son of the morning”. God’s response was instant: the scales fell from my eyes! I saw that it was mockery. That’s what I mean: about putting a stumbling block in the way of sensitive souls and about using scripture with understanding.

Like you, there is a lot I could say about Amalek, and it is a shame because there is such depth and instruction in the bible concerning them. Let me just address the idea of “genocide” and killing. There is a totally different understanding about killing among Jews because they know the scriptures.

The ten commandments: Thou shalt not kill. Has God broken His own commandments? Is killing always wrong? The Hebrew in this commandment means murder – unlawful killing. In Samuel God uses a different word for "kill", when He commands Saul to kill the Amalekites. Google it or use Strongs.

I met an Israeli assassin once, who had worked for Mossad. He got thrown out when he discovered Jesus was the Messiah. What a lovely guy he was – quite old but bursting with life. He was not repentant about being an assassin though! Why? Because the Hebrew scriptures have different words and meanings for “kill”.

Likewise, Jews and Christians have completely different perspectives. On one occasion when I was on tour in Israel, a fellow Christian passenger was appalled when she saw our Jewish guide take out a gun and lay it on the seat beside him, in readiness. We were travelling through Palestinian territories and he would not have hesitated to use that gun to defend his passengers, should the need have arisen.

You really need to think of the effect your words have on your listeners – we all do – I do. Speak the Truth about God. God is not a killer, nor does He commit genocide, nor does He incite others to it. He is just, He is compassionate. He is a friend to those in need, the nobodies of the earth. I’m one and I know Him. I know what He is LIKE. I have long first hand experience. I bear witness that God is a kind, faithful, loving Father. The scriptures agree with me.

For the sake of those He loves, eventually, the wicked will be excluded. Hell does not exist yet but will in the future, after a long period allowing for repentance. (Notice how long God waited before executing judgement on Amalek?) If God did not clear the wicked out of His Kingdom, the suffering on this planet would go on forever. The Poor and Oppressed would never have justice and they would remain under the yoke of their oppressors forever. Death, Pain would go on forever.

Scripture should be handled with understanding; with discretion; with meaning.

(Guest) 19/06/2016 16:48
Who is the one "de-glorifying God"?

When Satan quoted Scripture verbatim, obviously he was quoting what was written! For example, in the temptation of Christ in Matt 4 and Luke 4, he WAS quoting truth to the Lord from the 91st Psalm. But, of-course, he was doing this for his own ends; he was tempting Jesus! You ought to know this, Satan is THE arch deceiver.

You say "God is not a killer". What does His word say on this?

Deuteronomy 32.39 "I kill and I make alive."

1 Samuel 2.6 "The LORD killeth and make alive."

Of umpteen examples that may be cited, who killed Nadab and Abihu, when they offered "strange fire before the LORD" Leviticus 10.1-2? Who killed Uzzah in 2 Samuel 6.7?

Isaiah 45.7 "I make peace, and create evil, I the LORD do all these things."

Amos 3.6 "Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?"

Lamentations 3.38 "Out of the mouth of the Most High, proceedeth not evil and good?"

Hebrews 13.8 "Jesus is the same yesterday, and today, and forever."

You might like to ask the rich man in Luke 16.23 whether hell exists at the present or not?

I don't know what version of the Bible you use, but certainly, you are blinded to the plain declarations of Scripture.

Mini 19/06/2016 17:42
Luke 16: 23 The word used is Hades. c.f. Matthew 5: 22 “whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire” The word used is Gehenna.

Hades is the land of the dead - often seen as a translation of the Hebrew Sheol (Place of Destruction) whereas what we think of as Hell (Place of final eternal punishment) is Gehenna.

No one is in Gehenna yet.
(Guest) 19/06/2016 18:15
This is baseless semantics-I am VERY well aware of the Hebrew/Greek words Sheol/Hades, and their various 'mistranslations' throughout the Bible, but nevertheless Dives is CURRENTLY "in torments" and down THERE below!! Unless, of course, you believe that God's word teaches purgatory, or soul sleep?

But, I believe the Editor would want you to put blinkers on and stay focused on revival (there will be none) and the Harvest, of which there most certainly WILL be, according to God's word.
David (Guest) 02/10/2016 21:43
Interestig this-I have seen/heard that people create a god in their own image. But is pre-milleniallism biblical?
Editor 11/10/2016 11:27
The question: "Is pre-millenialism biblical?" needs to be prefaced by other questions e.g.
"Is Millennialism biblical?" "Is the (so-called) 'rapture' bibical.
There are several articles on the site relating to these questions. Type 'millennium' into the search box and you will find them (along with a variety of responses).

As a starting point you might like to visit -

David (Guest) 12/10/2016 09:54
Thanks for that-I ask the question because many people are convinced that we are in the millennium NOW-somehow, to me it just doesn't feel like it!
Editor 12/10/2016 12:22
David you said: "many people are convinced that we are in the millennium NOW-somehow, to me it just doesn't feel like it!"

As you say many believe, teach and have been taught that the millennium will be a golden church age prior to the return of Christ.

As you rightly observe the present scene is nowhwere like that. But more importantly Scripture teaches that things will get worse not better as we draw closer to the return of Christ. 2 Tim Ch. 3 is a good summary of what we can expect.

David (Guest) 12/10/2016 20:58
The world seems not to be getting better-only worse-God I think is only one to put things right. I said people are convinced-but I mean of course believing people.
It makes me wonder why so many believers are against pre-millenialism- the evidence for it on our news feeds-seem to be so overwhelming that you would have to be stupid to believe otherwise?- Not wanting to be offensive to believers who think otherwise.

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