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(Guest) 17/02/2015 23:31
I think what many are trying to assert, is what or where in the Bible is any support for your baseless theory? Quote Scripture, please.
Editor 18/02/2015 17:45
Guest, You may be new to this website, but please understand that while 'Guests' are free to post on this thread (for the moment at least)I don't dialogue with faceless persons.

The basis for the question on guidance to which this thread refers, lies in the type of guidance that we find delivered by the Holy Spirit to the early church and which continues to the present day.
To reference just the Acts of the Apostles:

Acts 2:17; Acts 10:19; Acts 11:28; Acts 13:2; Acts 13:4; Acts 16:6; Acts 16:7; Acts 20:22; Acts 20:23; Acts 21:4

Though the Bible is full of general principles of behaviour, it obviously doesn't give us specific instructions in many situations we may face. It tells us what our attitude to our work should be (Colossians 3:17,23,24), but it doesn't tell us whether we should be butchers, bakers or missionaries. It gives a minimum of guidance as to whom a Christian should marry (1 Corinthians 7:39; 2 Corinthians 6:14), if that is our calling, but doesn't tell us who that individual should be. We face decisions constantly which the Bible doesn't give us specific guidance about. However, if we are making a genuine effort to apply to our lives those things he has revealed, we can confidently expect him to guide us in more specific issues.

But I suspect that you don't believe that God the Holy Spirit works like this today. If that is the case then you will have nothing more to contribute to this thread.
Editor 18/02/2015 21:47
Guest, I have deleted your response to the above. If you want to continue in dialogue then either register with the site or identify yourself to me. Thank you.

Meanwhile if you want to contribute to how God guides (in particular rather than general terms) please feel free to post.
(Guest) 18/02/2015 21:59
The truth ALWAYS hurts (that is to those who operate in darkness). If it didn't, then, why don't you let your visitors see my posts? Cleary you ARE operating in darkness?
How can I have any other conclusion?
Your editorial bias is NO different to the world's media!

the way the truth and the life (Guest) 19/02/2015 09:08
Instead of all this mud slinging, rather read Psalm 43.3

"Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me.
Let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling"

In other words the truth and the light come from God.

Not from whether or not some website is or is not opaque.

Editor 19/02/2015 09:38
Note in response to the two most recent posts: This website operates on an 'open to all' basis so that believers and non-believers who are not site members can contribute.

At the moment, and with the exception of this article, the posting facility is restricted to site members. This has become necessary (for the time at least) because of a stream of anonymous posts which seek to use the message facility as a personal platform while refusing to 'walk in the light' be either registering as site members or identifying themselves to the editor.

See site policy on 'Article Responses' -

I would emphasise that the desire is to operate an 'open site'. The problem is with Christians (if they are that) who speak from the shadows.

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light. " Eph 5:8
Editor 19/02/2015 09:48
Could we please get back to the subject of how the Lord (by the Spirit and the Word) leads His children on a day-by-day basis both in the particulars of each believer's personal walk i.e. those matters which are not covered by the general guidance and doctrines found in the Bible.

The supreme authority is the Word of God, however the question being addressed on this thread is based on the view that the Holy Spirit also guides and directs (as outlined in an earlier post with Scripture references).

Those who don't believe is such guidance are free to hold their views: what they are not free to do is to abuse this facility to repeatedly and tiresomely preach their views.
(Guest) 22/10/2016 09:23
I suppose it is all down to which Jesus you follow/worship? Some make a Jesus fit their own imagination.
Mini 24/10/2016 17:56
I’ve only just discovered this discussion.

I have been a Christian for 50 years, and I have never “cracked it” as far as guidance goes! So in a way I am not qualified to comment. On the other hand, there isn’t much on here that helps clarify guidance?

I have certain flaws that can get in the way of guidance: an occult influence in my home; being a very mentally active person; having a vast artistic imagination. These things all get in the way and make me extremely cautious. This isn’t a bad thing of course. St John of the Cross said that if you were over confident that was bad and you were likely to go astray, but you should always walk in fear and trembling.

The strange thing is, that God does guide me, but I don’t always realise till some time afterwards, when I look back. So one thing I can say, is that it is quite safe to leave aside something that may be guidance from the Holy Spirit, because it will come about (so long as you sincerely want to obey His voice). Some time ago, I took the verse in the Song of Songs: who is this coming up out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved, as my chief rudder. If I am leaning on Jesus and He has His arms around me, I will be going where He is going. I believe it is very important not to focus on the guidance, but on Jesus, only seeing the guidance out of the corner of one’s eye, so to speak.

Some examples of misinterpretation of guidance:

Once, my reason and conscience told me I should go to a particular meeting, but when the time came to leave the house, I could not! I was being impeded by an almost physical force. I started to pray and kept trying to leave the house, then finally gave up exhausted. I said: “Lord, I just cannot go?”. The instant I said that, absolute peace descended on me! I realised that (don’t ask me why) I had been fighting the Holy Spirit!

Early in my Christian life, I began to experience dreams which kept coming true – usually the next day. Eventually, I realised these predictive dreams were not of God, and probably the remnants of the occult influence in my home. I prayed that God would take these away – and He did. This does not mean that no dreams are from God. I’m just saying you have to be careful, and again, the best way to be careful is not to focus on them, but on Jesus.

But how often I have felt that inner voice, gently coaxing me in a particular direction, and I follow almost without realising it. Later on, I look back and see that God was speaking and guiding me.

Sometimes, I have felt a kind of check, but I don’t know why. Once, a church I went to gave everyone a form to fill in, to contribute, hopefully, large sums of money to buy their own building. People kept asking me: “have you filled in the form? Have you given yet? “ And I had this check inside, so I said: “no I’m still thinking about it”. But the whole thing fell through, and they had to use everyones money on something else! I knew what the inner check had been, then! Don’t assume that everyone else will hear God’s voice before you do! They may be better Christians, but He speaks to you too!

Also, I have learnt not to be afraid to make my own decisions. In my case, I was told at home, not to think, and I couldn’t make my own decisions – my parents had to do that for me. Therefore, perhaps God wanted me to learn to exercise responsibility myself. I pray that God will keep my feet in the right path, rather than always tell me what to do and I have to trust Him to do that.

Some Christians get terribly obvious directions – verbal instructions and all sorts – and it makes me feel somewhat inferior. But Hudson Taylor always said that God would guide him while he was “in the way”. After all, God told Abraham to leave his home, but didn’t tell him where to go. He started walking and God guided his feet to the right place.

Looking at the “psychology”, I think God may start off speaking to our souls, but wants to wean us off that. He wants to speak to the depths of our spirits and that is often below the level of consciousness.

One thing that really gets me, is that I have had God speak to me in the most clear words, but in my spirit. There was no mistaking it. Yet it has never been guidance! So I sometimes say: “Lord, why can’t you speak clearly like that, and tell me which direction to take?”! But He never does. Yet He gets me there.

I quoted St John of the Cross above. He actually has some of the best teaching on guidance and so on. He said that guidance etc can come from 1) God 2) ourselves 3) the devil. He said the guidance most prone to deception is in the form of “corporeal” visions – those seen in bodily form outside oneself. The next most prone to deception, is when you have an inner vision in your soul. The one kind of guidance that is never prone to deception is when God forms an impression deep in your spirit.

Mini 24/10/2016 17:57
Jack Thomson, I sympathise with your predicament. It is EXTREMELY common for Christians to have to give up a natural creative gift for a while, then God lets them use it again. This happened to Gerard Manley Hopkins, for instance. But years later, he started to write poetry again – and how many people have been saved from the “brink” by that poetry.

My advice to you is: do you feel peace when you write? That is very important. If you do, then carry on, but always pray beforehand that God will protect your work from evil influences. And work, even if you don’t have success. Just make God your audience. I don’t know which abbey it was, maybe St Albans, but they were doing some restoration work and discovered these marvellous paintings. The monk who had done them, painted them up high somewhere, out of sight where no one but God could see them.

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