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772 (Guest) 15/02/2015 21:49
"God is much bigger than you think."
Certainly I wholeheartedly agree with THAT statement!

But, God tells us in His Word that He has magnified His Word above His name (the Holy Bible) please read Psalm 138.2. Also, God tells us in Isaiah 8.20, that if "We speak not according to this Word, there is no light in us". I could go on.
Of course as you so rightly say "God is much bigger" than I think, but I would most solemnly try to get across to you, that doesn't give us licence to go beyond His Word at any point?

Jack Thomson (Guest) 16/02/2015 00:03
Extra Biblical revelation is very dangerous to the body of Christ ????
Not so - the true body of Christ is taught and guided by the Holy Spirit - so any satanic' revelation will have no lasting effect - except positive, for all things work together for good to those who love God.....
(Guest) 16/02/2015 09:15
Extra Biblical revelation
the whole basis of the sacraments is that God can be seen/experienced in the world around us - linked to the efficacy of sacrifice as well.
(Guest) 16/02/2015 10:15
Upon consideration, it would have been more correct of me to say "Extra Biblical revelation is very dangerous to the Church". The Church consists of true believers and false professors alike (the visible and invisible church as stated in the WCF).
Mr Thomson is obviously alluding to John 10.27 (My sheep hear my voice...) and other similar scriptures which point to the fact that His true church (those names in the Lamb's Book of Life) cannot be led astray.
Having said this, we must be careful how we push the Biblical doctrines of Election/pre-destination upon people, some just cannot buy it.
Jack Thomson (Guest) 16/02/2015 10:57
Quote Guest:"Having said this, we must be careful how we push the Biblical doctrines of Election/pre-destination upon people, some just cannot buy it."
Correction - Nobody can buy it - because it's not displayed in the shop window of 'free will' purchases.
(Guest) 16/02/2015 11:25
And of course I could see that coming a mile away!
We are however told to "Buy the truth and sell it not" Proverbs 23.23. And you may say that only applies to true Christians, and at the judgment that will be found to be true.
Nevertheless we are told to "preach to EVERY creature" Mark 16.15.
It seems to me that soteriology is at the end of all 'debates'?
And I need not remind you that this Calvinism vs Arminianism (Election/pre-destination) argument (as vital as it is) will bring the wrath of Editor down on this thread?
A correct head knowledge of Elction/predestination is not vital to one's salvation, but to be one of God's elect undoubtedly is.

(Guest) 16/02/2015 11:49
the end of all debates
a dead end.
a cul de sac
Jack Thomson (Guest) 16/02/2015 12:24
Indeed we are to preach to EVERY creature - and, of course, you are right - a correct head knowledge of eternal precepts is not anymore vital to one's spiritual birth - than a degree in biology is vital to ones's physical birth - but nevertheless, after our physical birth it can be reasonably expected that some will develop to become well acquainted the anatomy and physiology of the human body....
Editor 17/02/2015 19:00
OK there has been quite enought of how God doesn't lead.
Further posts that contribute nothing to the particular ways in which the Spirit of God expresses the mind of God for Father to his children on a day-to-day and personal/individual level will be deleted.
(Guest) 17/02/2015 20:17
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