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Jack Thomson (Guest) 02/02/2015 13:30
At a personal level I have been rejected, miscalled and deceived by many, many people who would call themselves Christians.....
Editor 02/02/2015 15:14
Guest and Jack and anyone else.... Could I repeat, this thread is not about what you don't believe or where you have been misled or how Christians have treated you, it's about how you have been positively led by the Lord in different ways.

So please don't clutter it up with other messages (which will henceforth be deleted).

Editor 02/02/2015 18:09
Priscilla Livingstone Stewart became the wife of the great missionary C.T. Studd. In her younger years she scoffed and mocked: “I will never serve God, I will never love Jesus nor call Him Lord and Master.”
Then one night she recalled: “I had dreamed I was playing tennis, when suddenly I and those playing with me found ourselves surrounded by a multitude of people, and, as we stared in amazement, One rose high over all the crowd, and as He did so, I alone exclaimed, ‘Why that’s the Son of God!’ Looking and pointing straight at me, I distinctly heard him say, ‘Depart from me, for I never knew you.’ The crowd seemed to disperse as clouds and we on that tennis court were left.

Three months later she was staying with a Christian lady who told her about her own mother “who had been a wonderful woman and had often been prepared for coming troubles by visions or dreams sent her of God.”

Priscilla retorted: “God has nothing to do with dreams.” Her friend replied: “Oh, child, if anyone has ever had a warning from God, you have; give Him your heart and nothing will every disturb the peace of mind He will give you.”

Following a time of quiet, Priscilla wrote: “Suddenly close to me was raised the Cross with Jesus Christ nailed upon it, and with the crown of thorns upon His brow. Distinctly I saw the wounds of thorns upon His brow. Distinctly I saw the wounds and the riven side, and I saw the blood flow.” A voice came: ‘With My stripes you are healed’”.

Shortly after her conversion Priscilla gave herself to Christ for His service, and on opening the Bible for guidance one day, she saw on the margin of the Book the words “in letters of light: ‘China, India, Africa’. In CT Studd’s biography it is written: “These prophetic words were to be literally fulfilled.”
(Guest) 03/02/2015 12:01
In your introduction what do you mean by "how the Lord has guided them in them in the past"?
Is there perhaps some esoteric meaning in this that is beyond us lesser Christians ?
Or should it read "has guided them in the past"?
Perhaps you could clear this up, as it is so easy to cause no little confusion!

Ed note: Oops! Corrected.
(Guest) 04/02/2015 23:13
I would never pour cold water over any servant of God, and truly, I do believe God used Mr and Mrs Studd, of that, I have no doubt. As to Mrs Studd's 'dreams and visions', I will leave that entirely to God. I am so totally and diametrically opposed to the Studd's theology, but as in the case of Wesley, I believe they preached God's Word of salvation faithfully, through His blood alone.
But as for todays WEC, well, it is but a shambles. I say this with deep regret, as my daughter was part of that organisation until two years ago.

(Guest) 04/02/2015 23:15
Apologies as to why my last post is elongated, so sorry.
(Guest) 04/02/2015 23:26
I may add, if we say "it is written" as you do, it gives one the impression it is from God's Word?
Editor 05/02/2015 12:28
Guest, I think you have said more than enough to let people understand your view. As for your 23:26 comment (re "It is written") I think you would have been better to have been catching some sleep at 23:26.

Re the present WEC ministry, it has absolutely nothing to do with the testimony of Studd or his wife.

If you wish to continue posting please confine your comments to the various ways in which the Lord gives day-to-day guidance on those very specific and individual/personal issues in life on which the Bible only gives 'general' advice and direction.

Thank you.

(Guest) 15/02/2015 00:17

The time has passed midnight! Oh dear! Cannot a grown man (not far off your age!) stay up until the 'early hours'? About five hours sleep is all I need-too much more makes me tired.

Certainly I agree with your second paragraph.

But as for your last paragraph, the Lord DOES guide His people through His written Word, it may appear to many that you seem to have a low view of God's Word in order to say "the Bible only gives 'general' advice and direction."
I would say the Bible is VERY specific in it's 'advice and direction'. Granted, the Bible doesn't tell you specifically what make of toothpaste, or toilet paper to buy, but, please???

Any right thinking Christian cannot be 'guided' in any other way other than the precepts laid down by the 'finger of God'.
Indeed to say contrariwise, causes utter confusion.

Extra Biblical (on-going) 'revelation', is very dangerous to the body of Christ.
(Guest) 15/02/2015 20:15
Extra Biblical revelation is very dangerous to the body of Christ
Why is that?
God is much bigger than you think.
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