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Guidance: how does the Lord lead disciples today?
In a recent thread the subject of 'Guidance' came up. For the benefit of others, Site members and Christian site visitors are invited to leave examples of how the Lord has guided them in the past (and the brave ones can give examples of where perhaps they have falled prey to the voice of the enemy).

I emphasise that the examples should be retrospective rather than current. (All editorial rights reserved.)
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Jack Thomson (Guest) 23/01/2015 21:55
I have experiences of God's guidance, but I would like to share the following true story:
Before continuing - and because there is an element of the ‘unbelievable’ in this story, it would be good, if not essential, to offer some background information.
Here goes.
A short time before the start of the events which the story recounts I was enabled to accept that there is a God and Creator of the universe - and that He is Jesus Christ - and, to those who are brought to truly and exclusively believe in Him, He extends a very gracious and loving interest.
Furthermore, because of my belief that Jesus Christ is who He said He is - I had completely renounced and rejected any belief which I had in the goodness - or benevolence - or neutrality of all occult practices (mediums, clairvoyants, spiritualists, astrologers spoon benders, etc., etc.). I had submitted to God’s word in Leviticus 19/31 (Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God) and held those practises to be wholly negative, destructive and defiling to the lives of those individuals who were caught in their snare.
A few last points before proceeding with the story:
I’m not a liar - and neither am I given to flights of fancy - and neither do I hold myself to be anything special - oh yes - and I’m not a self-righteous, holier than thou prig. Those that truly know me will, I hope, confirm these self observations to be true.
And now, to the story:
It was the 6th November 1986 and I arrived home from work to find my wife, my children - the family pets and all of the furniture had vanished from the family house. I cannot describe how I felt - and neither will I attempt to do so - except to venture to suggest that to say I was devastated would be the same as calling a Tsunami a small, lapping wave.
Not all of the furniture had been removed - for I recall sleeping in a bed that evening - upstairs in one of the attic rooms as I remember.
I don’t know how many nights would have passed after the ‘evacuation’ - but quite soon after - perhaps a day or two, I experienced a strange dream.
In the dream I was walking along a street in my home town of …….. it was called …. Drive. And as I approached a junction I was met by Jenny, my youngest daughter walking out from a side street - I was overjoyed to meet her and couldn’t get my question out quickly enough:
“Where are you living Jenny?”
“You know where I am, Dad.” came the confident reply.
“I don’t know where you are Jenny.” I nervously countered.
“Tell me where you’re staying Jenny - please?” I more anxiously pleaded.
“I’m staying at 7 Davidson Drive.” she responded.
The dream finished abruptly
Such was the reality and substance of that dream I was left with a strong, strong sense that God had spoken to me through it.
In the morning I jumped into the car and headed for 7 Davidson Drive - confident that I had been given my family’s new address.
It wasn’t - it never could have been - it was a first floor flat in a council scheme - and it was occupied by others.
I am reluctant to dig into the detail of the events which followed - but the bottom line is that the unnatural estrangement and alienation which had been contrived and fostered between my daughters and I continued, more or less, for seven years. From time to time I would get news of their different whereabouts – at one time Jenny was in Southampton while Pauline was visiting Australia. They appeared to live very nomadic lives - following the whimsical chaos of their own - or someone else’s erratic initiative.
Towards the end of the seven years separation I did enjoy secret reconciliation with Pauline who had returned to live in the area.
One afternoon I received a call from her - she was very anxious and concerned about her health - and her worry seemed to me to be justified. To cut along story short - I took Pauline to the local Health Clinic in Gourock.
I waited in the car - it was a long wait - but eventually she bounced out, smiling. On entering the car she explained the doctors verdict and cast a prescription note on the dash board - the patient’s name was Pauline Thomson - who else? but the address astounded me. It was 7 Davidson Drive, ……….
I could hardly believe it. It was difficult to take in - although the natural account of their presence at that address was unremarkable:
Apparently, on returning to the area Pauline had first stayed with her mum at Davidson Drive - which property her mother had bought on her then recent return from Southampton.
Seven years before Jenny and my estranged family had arrived at 7 Davidson Drive - I was told by God that they would be there.
Why did God give me this information?
I believe it was to share, in time, with those who were involved - and perhaps to remind them that He does take a very detailed interest in their lives.
But, there is more to this address than first meets the eye - for this ‘terrestrial’ location speaks cryptically of another place - a ‘spiritual’ location.
Although not a scholar in Biblical numerology, I understand that the number 7 is God’s number - and therefore, in appropriate contexts, can be related to, or identified with God.
The street name is Davidson - the shortened form of ‘son of David’ - another name for Jesus Christ.
It would appear that God had not only told me where Jenny would be living seven years previous to her being there - He had also told me where she was spiritually - in Him - and that’s mind blowing.
Personally, it is a very humbling thing to realise that the God and Creator of the universe has been so very intimately involved in my life and the lives of my children - and that He’s been so, not because I’m perfectly good and self righteous - and deserve His attention, in fact the opposite is true - He has become involved in my life because I’m not perfectly good and I’m not self righteous - and I know that I don’t deserve His attention.
God has graciously entered my life and the lives of those who I love - because He enabled me to recognise my failings and failures – and, in so doing moved me to invite Him - to sort me and them out.
And He’s doing that.

P.S. As I re-visit this writing several years after finishing it, I can change the tense of the last sentence to read:
He’s done just that - (for they are in Christ, and He is in them) -and they all reside (spiritually) at 7 Davidson Drive.
Oh yes - one last thing - within the last few months Jenny has moved to live in a house which is situated on the very side street from which she approached me in that dream.

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