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JL (Guest) 17/07/2016 14:10
I have NOT misunderstood one thing about what you said!
You made the plain statement that there is such a thing as "gay Christians"? If you said that 25 odd years ago or more, everyone would have thought you meant "happy Christians'"! But you mean sodomite Christians? An oxymoron!
The apostate C of S would be very happy with your liberal terminology!
We should preach to them (homosexuals)of sin, wrath and the judgment of God in Christ to come, to repent of their ungodly lifestyles? There we go, 'hate speech' again?
Can you imagine Mrs Leadsom saying such things to her colleagues in No 10? I think not! She would soon be shown the door!
JL (Guest) 17/07/2016 19:13
Another thing. You CAN'T "make sinners want our company". They absolutely hate it! I did my level best not to believe, I fought with ALL my might against God, but praise be to Him, His grace overcame me! And I trust it did you, as well? As an unconverted man, I now hang my head in shame at the cursings, blasphemings and excrement that used to emanate from the cesspit that was then my mouth.
It is the word of God, preached with the Holy Spirit that does the converting, Romans 10.17. If a man converts a soul to Christ, another can unconvert! Not so with true conversion, My sheep HEAR MY voice, John 10.27, John 3.8. etc.
Romans 8.7
1 Corinthians 2.14.
Mini 18/07/2016 13:28
Why have you put "make sinners want our company" in quotation marks? I certainly never said that.
JL (Guest) 18/07/2016 14:45
I quote verbatim;

"How many of us actually achieve that level of holiness and love to MAKE SINNERS WANT OUR COMPANY."

That is what you said! I have emphasised YOUR words in capitals (I am NOT shouting) that I used in my last post.

The answer to your question of course, is NONE!
That is why I said "You CAN'T make sinners want our company."

This is what happens when you have a conversation between one that holds to Biblical pre-destination/election, and one who believes in free will!

But I will go no further. Your topic is about "Same Sex Marriage within the Church." A total abomination in God's eyes outside the Church, let alone inside it!!!!
Mini 18/07/2016 17:43
I apologise JL, I did say that.

However, I agree that we cannot "make" people want our company. That is not the sense of my words but I should have worded it better.

The point is that like Jesus, anyone who is full of genuine holiness which involves love and joy, will attract (not MAKE them come) sinners.

As in the words of the Bride in the Song of Songs "draw ME, WE will run after thee" and Jeremiah "Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness". Yes it is the Spirit of God who draws.
JL (Guest) 18/07/2016 20:40
The ONLY, I repeat ONLY, Man (despite what the Wesleyan/Methodist/holiness/Keswick/Pentecostal movement would have you believe) that is "full of genuine holiness" or rather "without sin"; Hebrews 4.15 WAS God manifest in the flesh, that is Jesus Christ, our ONLY Lord and Saviour.

I have no pleasure in correcting you, but, NO BODY, "is like Jesus", but, I am sure you KNOW this? NO ONE comes within a zillion, zillion light years of Him! This is why I love Him with ALL my heart, soul and mind, because NO-one offers me what He does. He is INCOMPARABLE!!!!

Certainly I agree with your last sentence! Pre-destination/election in one sentence!

May God bless your studies:

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27.17.
Editor 19/07/2016 08:33
JL as you are submitting regular posts, if you wish to continue posting, could you please register with the site. Thank you.
P.S. I have had (unfortunately) to bar non-members from most of the site because of mis-use of the facility. If I have to do that at any time you will find yourself unable to post.
Mini 19/07/2016 13:55
It gives my heart such a lift to hear someone express love for Jesus like that, JL!

I disagree with you a lot but anyone who loves Jesus is my family, as far as I am concerned. The Blood of Jesus is thicker than water.
Editor 20/07/2016 10:04
JL (Guest), please see my post of 19/07. Once you have registered I will reinstate your most recent post. Thank you.
(Guest) 27/11/2016 10:46
Same sex marriage outside the church is an absolute abomination! Inside the church? Nuff said!
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