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(Guest) 29/10/2016 10:18
I don't think there is anyone who really cares whether or not the editors socks are at half mast.
David (Guest) 29/10/2016 11:46
That last post wasn't mine.

I might consider joining this site in order to avoid any ambiguity, but there again, if I say anything slightly out of turn....?
(Guest) 29/10/2016 16:55
Have the courage of your convictions
Dale M 31/10/2016 20:29
Let us return to the subject of this debate entitled 'END TIME REVIVAL/HARVEST OF SOULS'.
Revival means 'bringing back to life'. In the context of Christian revival we are therefore referring to the bringing back to spiritual life of the Church (world-wide body of believers in Christ). In these days we see a church that has to a large extent departed from the truth of God's Word. The gospel has been distorted to such an extent in many churches that they proclaim a different or false gospel. The churches have become worldly or dead. Like many of the churches in Revelation, God's wrath is about to be poured out on them.
So when we pray for revival, we are crying to God to be merciful to His people and to bring the church back to life. The Psalmist cries 'Will you not revive us again'. (Psalm 85:4-7). If we pray Biblically and earnestly like the Psalmist it must surely be the right thing for us to do!
As in past revivals when God in His sovereignty revives the Church in a particular area, not only do the churches become spiritually alive, but also the unbelievers in the vicinity begin to hunger for God and many unbelievers find Jesus Christ as their Saviour. That is what happens in revival and that is what we pray for.
Everyone is very aware that we are living in dangerous times. Christians are aware that the forces of anti-Christ are building up against the Church – even in our own British society. Those Christians living in many parts of the non-Western world are already suffering in a way we find absolutely horrifying.
It seems to me that the time is coming soon when God is going to purify or revive His Church so that it will become very distinct from the world. No blurring of the borders! So in this way, revival of the true Church is coming and with it 'the full number of the Gentiles' and the believing Jews with them.
It does seem to me that the true Church world-wide will undergo persecution before the end. We must also pray that God will keep us faithful to Him whatever may come our way.

I do hope that our so-called 'Guests' will refrain from drifting into 'millennialism' which is really a departure from the subject under consideration.
David (Guest) 31/10/2016 21:54
Mr Munday,

However can "millennialism" be "a departure from the subject under consideration."?

It is an uncontested fact that Christians today believe in either; a-millennialism, post-millennialism, or pre-millennialism. There are NO other 'theories'! Unless one is a rank atheist!

For one to deny this historical fact in church history/doctrine can only serve to highlight one's total ignorance with regard to 'revival'!

'Revival' IS millennialism! Jesus Christ WILL rule over the heathen/gentile nations! He will keep His promise to Abraham and his descendants. Abraham WILL YET set his physical feet in the "promised Land". This IS TRUE revival! Genesis 12:1-3,7; 13:15-17; 17:4-8; 24:7.
To say otherwise is to call God a liar.

Your belief in replacement theology is to hold to the strange notion that the Church (made up of Jews and Gentiles) has REPLACED national Israel, so that the covenant promises made by God to His ancient people are not really meant for them at all, but were intended for others.

I would respectfully suggest you take notice of these scriptures!
David (Guest) 01/11/2016 12:23
After two days will He REVIVE us: On the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight. Hosea 6.2 !
There have been two days since the cross; on the third day He will begin His rule on earth as it is in heaven! His kingdom come! Remember, one day is as a thousand years with the Lord, and vice versa. 2 Peter 3.8. There are 'countless' millennial prophecies that your replacement theologians 'spiritualise away', like this one.

God will revive His ancient people AND SAVE a remnant! How millennialism is "really a departure from the subject under consideration", the mind boggles! Rom 9,10 &11?

We are debating end time revival/harvest of souls, I thought?
JL (Guest) 04/12/2016 20:30
David, you have put the case for pre-millennialism in a very convincing way.
If you are still about, can I ask what extra biblical writers (if any) have you been influenced by?
(Guest) 11/12/2016 15:15
Your are surely taking the Mickey.
You must know that extra-Biblical writers have no relevance to those on this site.
The refrain is, "what does the Bible say", without any recognition that the received interpretation is in fact highly extra-Biblical.
JL (Guest) 12/12/2016 21:30
What exactly is "received interpretation" any way?
'Orthodox', and 'unorthodox' Christians alike, as well as the cults will make statements of their faith to say "We believe the Bible to be the INERRANT word of God"! Are they all correct?

I believe it is such a great sin to speak disparagingly of the Reformation; most today believe our world to be a globe! The Scriptures plainly teach otherwise! (Yes the earth is flat, and it doesn't revolve on an imaginary axis.

So, if "extra biblical writers" that came before us stay faithful to God's word, then their exegesis has great value to us alive today. We can learn from their teachings; understood?
(Guest) 26/12/2016 09:23
What exactly is the received interpretation anyway
It could be anything which is exactly the point.
What it is is dependant on the particular extra-Biblical gloss.
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