Passion Week/Last Supper/Traditions

Chris Hill speaks to Christians Together on the events of the week leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ. He speaks on the Last Supper and the nature of that meal, the question of which day was Jesus crucified and touches on the extent to which tradition can usurp the Bible's teachings.


CrucifictionThis article is a 'lead-in' to an interview with Chris Hill of C L Ministries. Chris is a good friend of Christians Together and gave an interview some time ago in what he felt God is saying to the churches.

However this recording was done in the approach to Easter 2012 and looks at the events of the week prior to Jesus' crucifiction and resurrection. It covers the nature of the Last Supper which Jesus ate with his disciples, the timing of his crucifixion in parallel with the slaughter of the passover lambs.

The discussion also touches on the subject of how much tradition rather than biblical patterns govern some of the things we do in the church even today.

Chris belongs to Somerset and now lives near Ipswich with his wife Lindy who comprises the other half of CL Ministries. Chris teaches and preaches in the UK and internationally. He writes and broadcasts extensively and with Lindy has led eighty tours to Israel. He was serving as a curate in an Anglican church in Poole, Dorset when Jean Darnall was given her vision of what God might do in the land. Chris and Lindy have remained friends with Jean since that time and has recorded an interview with her which is available on DVD.

Listen to the interview which includes some very interesting information and facts which challenge some of what is generally believed which may not match up with the history of Passion Week and the nature of the Last Supper and the actual day on which Jesus was crucified.

During the course of the recording Chris speaks of the nature of the 'Lord's table' as that of a Triclinium rather than the form depicted in Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting.

Da Vinci's painting Actual Triclinium
Last Supper triclinium

Wooden carving depicting the Triclinium scene at the Last Supper

Make yourself a coffee and have a listen, but be ready to hear some common thinking and traditions challenged.

 Chris Hill on Passion Week 
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Visit CL Ministry website to see the range of resources including a DVD on Christ Our Passover.


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Click on image below for chart illustrating the events of Passion Week.

Passion Week1




Chris Hill / Christians Together, 05/04/2012

Robin Brace BD, UK Apologetics (Guest) 15/04/2012 07:46
I am very disturbed by this. This is just 7th day Armstrongist Holy Week reasoning.
There were indeed two sabbaths that week as Mr Hill points out but thereafter some of his points are dubious. He is saying that Christ rose on the 7th day sabbath - not Sunday. Yet he should face the fact that the Scripture simply does not say this.
Robin (again) (Guest) 15/04/2012 19:39
Just a brief secondary comment re: certain misinformation contained in the above video. Certain comments are clarified here:
Editor 17/04/2012 11:05
I am currently preparing a chart to support the following article -
Meanwhile could you give some Bible references please, to say (exactly hour and day) when Jesus came back to life.
Thank you.
Editor 18/04/2012 17:29
I have now added the chart referred to in the above message/post.
It can be obtained by clicking on the image in the main article or by clicking here -

Please see also earlier related article 'Calvary hidden in the Passover Seder' -

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